Spiegel: Pontifical Academy Of Sciences Pushing For Climate Treaty…Finds Fossil Fuels Akin To “Modern Slavery”!

Spiegel science journalist Axel Bojanowski has an online interview with the Chairman of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo: The Church believes in science“.

Anyone with doubts the Vatican would abandon a neutral position on the science of climate change can now lay them to rest. Under Pope Francis the Vatican has been sending unmistakable signals that it is joining the junk-science based global warming movement, perhaps with the hopes of resurrecting the notorious system of indulgences (or a form of it) which for centuries swindled common people of their wealth and sent it to the coffers of the Roman Catholic Church.

The Church preaches that as stewards of the planet man must make responsible use of God-given resources, to use them sparingly, and that we share the fruits of our labors with the poor. Yet the Vatican never will do the same with its tens of billions in assets it has stashed away over the centuries.

In the interview Chairman Sorondo tells Bojanowski that “the Church believes in science – especially Galileo“. And on the upcoming encyclical on climate change, to be released in either June or July, Sorondo refuses to tell Spiegel what is going to be in it. “We will see.”

As to why there is even an encyclical on the climate to begin with, Sorondo tells Spiegel that it is to “provide an impulse” for the upcoming Paris Conference. The Lima Conference “disappointed the Pope”, Sorondo tells Spiegel.

On why a climate treaty is important, Chairman Sorondo spills the beans, telling Spiegel that “climate change has adverse impacts on the poorest two thirds of the world’s population who have no access to fossil energies but who have to bear the consequences of their consumption. Bartholomeos I, the Patriarch of Constantinople, compared climate change to modern slavery at the Conference of Religious Leaders in December.”

Clearly the Catholic Church is sympathetic to this extreme and preposterous position. Why would Chairman Sorondo cite it if it wasn’t. Unfortunately the Vatican fails to see that over the past 50 years fossil fuels have helped the poor far more than any Church’s redistributive plundering ever has over the last 1000 years. More often than not Church obstinate dogmatism often put the brakes on progress and as a result caused far more misery. It’s appalling that the Church fails to recognize that no God-given resource has been such a blessing to the poor as has affordable fossil fuels and that life as we know it today would be unimaginable without it.

Vatican sees Galileo as a “leading figure”

On why the Church is suddenly interested in environmental protection, Sorondo says it is so because “The Church believes in science.” A somewhat taken aback Bojanowski reacts skeptically and brings up the incident surrounding Galileo. Sorondo responds, claiming the Church never condemned Galileo: “He was only put to the test because his scientific evidence had not been convincing. Our Academy today views him as a leading figure.”

Isn’t that the way things usually turn out whenever blind consensus gets asserted and dogmatism prevail in science? For the Vatican unfortunately it took almost 400 years and man going to the moon before they became “convinced”.

Bojanowski responds forcefully, seemingly scoffing at the Chairman’s claim:

Galileo’s writings were banned by the Church, or were allowed to appear only in censored versions. He was no longer allowed to freely express himself on his theories. In court he was forced to accept what the Catholic Church regarded as true and was then subsequently punished with arrest. And his colleague Giordano Bruno had to endure much worse: Because he refused to recant his astronomical theories that opposed those of the Church, he was executed.”

Chairman Sorondo admits: “That was in any case a great injustice, and the Church acknowledged that.”

Bojanowski reminds the Chairman: “Well yeah, 400 years after the execution.”

That alone ought to drive home the dangers of religion deciding science. Can we really trust this Catholic Church and current pope on climate science?

Bojanowski also makes another important point: If the consensus of science supports a climate treaty, then why is the Vatican not playing along with the consensus on other scientific issues, like birth control? Here the Chairman is clearly in over his head.

So why is the Catholic Church taking the step of endorsing what is likely the most dubious, tampered and politicized science that civilization has seen in has seen in at least 100 years? Why is it teaming up with groups and political parties that are notorious proponents of abortion, population control, waging war, anti-Christianity and self-centered hedonism? One can only speculate.

To me it all reeks of Chicago-style politics. Perhaps there is a lot more rot in the Vatican than we may think – in addition to the scandals involving child molestation and shady finances. Someone seems to have gotten the goods on the Vatican, and now it’s: play along and everything will be okay, or else there’s going to be lots of trouble. Has the Vatican sold its soul?

As if it ever had one.


Top Swiss Avalanche Expert Werner Munter Calls IPCC Report “A Scientific Farce”…”Piss Take”!

He looks more like a guru, even a prophet. In Switzerland 73 year old Swiss Alps mountain guide Werner Munter is known as the “avalanche pope”. No one knows more about avalanches in the Alps and their risks than he does.


Werner Munter: Image credit:

Having authored some 20 books, he is credited for having revolutionized the science of avalanches.

The online Swiss here featured the expert and his position on the IPCC’s latest report late last year. writes that although Munter is not a climate expert, he has read up on the subject extensively, and quotes Munter:

It’s unbelievable arrogance to believe that we would be able to sustainably influence the climate.”

He also tells that he has found no evidence showing how CO2 could warm the climate. Swissinfo writes:

He views the current claims of most climate scientists as well as the experts of the UN (IPCC), who say mankind’s activities are causing climate change, as ‘piss take’.”

“Piss take” definition: here. Why is Munter skeptical? He cites hundreds of scientific papers opposing the current opinion of the IPCC and that there isn’t any consensus at all. reports Munter does not dispute climate is changing, but believes man is not responsible for it.

Munter to

During the Holocene – a period on earth going back about 10,000 years – there were five phases when it was just as warm as it is today, or even warmer.”

Munter also tells “CO2 is not a pollutant” and that the atmospheric concentration of CO2 stemming from man is “negligible”. He also doesn’t believe that CO2 is even a greenhouse gas, citing a paper by physicist Robert Wood.

On why the earth is warming, Munter says it all goes back to the sun. And by the sun he not only means solar irradiance but also the sun’s magnetic field, thus lending support to Svensmark’s theory.

Munter’s skepticism worryies media like, and established climate scientists in Europe – for example Mike Schäfer, a risk communication professor at the University of Zurich. He tells that Munter is not alone as a skeptic because “in the USA 20 to 30 percent of the population are climate skeptics” who do not believe man plays any real role on climate or the projected consequences.

Media do not share skeptic positions

Interestingly writes that the number of skeptics in Germany and Switzerland is far smaller than in the USA. Schäfer attributes that to the fact that “practically no media share the positions of the climate skeptics.”

On skepticism in Switzerland, quotes Marko Kovic, president of an association for critical thinking: “Skeptiker Schweiz”, who claims skepticism in Switzerland is limited to only a few individuals:

These are people who as a rule who have read American website and blogs.”

Next highlights how in Europe there is a strong popular consensus that man is responsible for climate change, and that this is not so in English speaking countries like the USA, Great Britain and Australia because the “vast majority of these persons have some kind of relation with the business lobbies of oil, coal or the automobile industry, who deny the impact of emissions on climate“.

Whew! The Swiss really are backwards and shallow in some ways. Little wonder Swiss women were not allowed to vote until 1971. It’s kind of like a “just shut up and get back to your place!” sort of culture.

Munter on the other hand also thinks there is corruption, telling that climate science has been corrupted by money and politics. That does not go down very well. To refute Munter’s claim, promptly contacted Urs Neu, Director of ProClim (a state-supported institute). Neu denies the accusation and cites an “evaluation of 12,000 scientific papers published between 1991 and 2011, which found that 97 percent of the authors suspect that human activity is the cause of climate change.”

Right. And before 1970, a survey by Swiss men showed 97% of half of Swiss men believed that women were too dumb to vote. Again it’s the caveman wooden club of authority thing. sums up by quoting state-funded warmist University of Genf professor Martin Beniston on the need for skeptics like Munter:

Skeptics allow scientists to tweek their arguments and to drive additional studies with which they can respond to their critics. If there had not been any opposition, then it would not have been possible to have made the great progress in climate science that we have seen.”

Right again. Swiss men also need a few independent-minded women to talk back from time to time – because this is what has allowed them to make great progress in being better-knowing husbands.

Hats off to Werner Munter for taking on such a conceited bunch.


University College London Professor Of Climatology Mark Maslin Claims Mankind Now Able To Control Climate!

This past weekend I wrote two posts about a recent two-part German ZDF Television documentary on climate change and its impact on the development of human history: here and here.


Image Mark Maslin, cropped from ZDF

At the very end of Part 2, the otherwise excellent German public television documentary abruptly descends into sheer lunacy in claiming that the globe has “strongly heated up” recently and that it is now wresting with “global warming” – and to drive the point home, it inserts an amazing comment by University College London Climatology Professor Mark Maslin at the 42:27 mark (translated from the German voice-over):

We are now at the point where we can decide how the climate of the future will look. When we as a collective world community, all nations working together, are able to really prevent global warming, that would be fantastic. That would be the first time that the climate doesn’t control us, but rather us controlling it. We could make sure that all future generations will have a stable climate.”

Maslin clearly suggests humans collectively have the power to override the global natural climate factors and to tame and steer the world’s climate in any desired direction, and to do so for “all future generations”.

Throughout previous 88 minutes the documentary looked at earlier climate changes that were greater than those experienced today and attributed them to natural factors such as solar activity, volcanoes and ocean dynamics. These natural climate change events included the “very rapid changes in climate” during the last ice age, the end of the last ice age, the 8.2 kiloyear event, the green Sahara, ancient Egyptian warm period, the Roman warm period, and the Little Ice Age.

Strangely, according to the documentary, the sun as a climate driver in the past seem to have just disappeared since 1250 AD. Now we are supposed to believe that humans took control of the climate some 100 years ago.

Physicist: “blatant silliness”

Luxemburg physicist Francis Massen also reacts sharply to Maslin’s bold claim at his website:

This is blatant silliness, probably forced upon the professor to include at least a sentence seen to be politically correct and Zeitgeist aware. This last conclusion is the more silly, as all previous examples clearly have shown that the changes of the climate were not caused by human activity. And today, never mind our technological achievements, we are still unable to change the tilt of the axis of the globe, modify solar activity or put a lid on volcanoes to avoid their eruptions.”

Indeed. In fact governments aren’t even able to control their runaway spending and deficits, let alone the world’s temperature and climate.


Part 2 Of Documentary Totally Dismisses/Contradicts Michael Mann’s Claim Of A Steady Climate Since 1000 A.D.

Yesterday I posted on Part 1 of German ZDF television’s Terra-X series two-part documentary on climate and human history appearing on January 11  and 18. Part 1 covered the world’s climatic changes that occurred during the last ice age and up to the time of the Roman Empire.

Part 1 clearly showed that the earth’s climate changed naturally, at times very dramatically within a matter of a decade or two. Warm periods were accompanied by rains and periods of vibrant human prosperity. Cold periods saw droughts, crop failures, mass migrations and deadly political and societal instability.

Warm Roman Empire

Today the focus is on Part 2, which looks at the earth’s climate since the Roman Empire until today. It starts by stating how the “paradise-like” warmth during peak period of the Roman Empire was brought on by the optimal orientation between the earth and sun. The warm Roman period was marked by “stability” says Mark Maslin (3:10).

Tree ring studies from oak trees show that “the temperature 100 year before Christ indeed rose. On average the temperature was 2°C warmer than 100 years earlier” (3:37). Clearly such an increase is more than double today’s increase the globe has seen since 1900. That high Roman temperature level stayed some 300 years, the documentary tells us, allowing for “stable and strong growth“.

At the 4:30 mark the documentary tells us that glaciers in the Alps melted and allowed the Romans to expand their empire all the way to Scotland. The warm period also took hold globally, says the ZDF documentary, and was not a regional phenomena. The ZDF documentary shows at the 5:40 mark how the Chinese Empire blossomed at around 200 BC. All thanks to the sun.

Finally at the 8:24 mark German researcher Gunther Hischfelder of the University of Regensburg tells that the Romans eventually ran into an enemy they even could not vanquish: “Over the long-term there was one opponent that became so strong that even the Romans could not conquer it, and that was climate change.”

Always the sun

Surprisingly at the 8:38 mark, the ZDF documentary tells viewers something that has long been taboo in Germany:

Every climate change is controlled from outer space. It depends on the earth’s orbit around the sun, the tilt of its axis and on the predominant solar activity. After the change in times the solar activity was probably weaker and the Gulf current delivered less heat.”

This, the documentary says, led to a “clear [natural] cooling (9:00)“. Already in Part 2 we see that climate temperature changes of 2°C over a matter of decades were nothing unusual – and were all owing to natural factors that scientists today refuse to acknowledge are in play.

Cold…fall of Roman Empire

As the cooler temperatures began to take over during the Roman period, catastrophic droughts took hold and crop failures led to starvation. Rome was under pressure to supply food to its remote territories and outposts.

To illustrate the degree hardship, scientists analyzed the bones of a north German teenager uncovered from the swamps(10:10). DNA analysis of the arm and leg bones showed severe malnutrition. Twelve of the child’s 14 years were spent in a state of “severe hunger”. As had happened many times over the course of history, mass migrations occurred as cold led to crop failures.

Just before the end of the Roman Empire, these migrations were facilitated as natural borders and barriers such as large rivers and marshes froze over and allowed people easily walk across them (11:40).  For example in the year 406 AD, 90,000 Germanic tribespeople crossed a Frozen Rhine river and into Roman territory (11:58) in a single day. Bit by bit the Roman Empire was invaded before collapsing ushering in the post Roman dark ages.


This dark period was exacerbated further by the mega-eruption of llopango in El Salvador (13:02), which led to written records of extreme cold and darkness in the year 536 AD. Scientists believe the eruption ejected 84 cubic kilometers of ash into the atmosphere, destroying everything within a 1000 km radius and darkening the skies over Europe and even China. Ash from the llopango eruption is even seen in ice cores from Antarctica (15:55). The material reached into the stratosphere and caused an “18-month long climate anomaly of cold and darkness“. Millions of people of people died as a result.

As fear gripped the planet and nature regained the upper hand, the conditions became ideal for religions to thrive, warning of the wrath of God and offering the hope of salvation (20:00).

Rise of Central American civilizations

While war and fear plagued Europe, climate conditions were however ideal in Central America, and civilizations there blossomed (22:00). At the 22:30 mark we see the Nazca Lines (before they were ruined by Greenpeace). By 900 AD, natural climate change struck the Central American region again as prolonged droughts ground down the once mighty Latin American cultures (22:45). What was behind the sudden change? At the 23:20 mark the documentary again points at the sun.

Responsible was solar activity.”

Medieval Warm Period by the sun

But the documentary dances around about how solar activity impacts the earth, hinting at basic solar irradiance, and avoiding Svensmark’s theory.  At the 24:15 mark:

That also applies to the year 800 AD. The sun is at a maximum activity. It’s irradiance especially strong. The blue planet gradually begins to heat up.”

The warmth, the documentary says, “opened up the Arctic from North America to Europe” and allowed explorers to venture out and the Vikings to settle in “an almost ice-free” Iceland and in Greenland (25:30) 1050 years ago. Lief Ericson reached Newfoundland at about the year 1000 AD (26:30). In Europe the warming took hold with a vengeance. The documentary says at the 26:50 mark:

On average the temperature was 3°C warmer than the years before.”

Europe was transformed into a rich bread-basket (27:20). The weather was once again stable and planning was possible. At this point we get hints that the documentary is trying to tells us that normal weather in warm times is stable. Yet history tells us that storms also occurred during the warm Medieval Period.

Gunther Hischfelder tells that the warm period of the Medieval Period had consquences (29:25):

The creation of cities was a response to climate change and provided the spark for a take-off for human history, an explosion in culture and civilization, and is thus the reason it is the cornerstone for the creation of our modern world.”

All thanks to the Medieval Warm Period (MWP), which was as warm and even warmer than today. At the 29:50 mark we see that “three quarters of Germany’s cities were created during the Medieval Warm Period”. Growth exploded all over Europe. By the year 1250 AD, “Europe’s societies were as strong as never before” (31:35).

Strangely, and probably on purpose, the ZDF documentary focusses only on Europe for its look at the Medieval Warm Period, and presents no examples of it occurring at other locations on the globe – as it did for the earlier warm periods. Is the ZDF trying to have us believe that MWP was regionally isolated in Europe? Scientific proxy data tell us it was warm all over the globe.

Sun strangely disappears as a climate factor in the year 1250

At the 32:00 mark the documentary looks at the beginning of the end of the MWP: “In the second half of the thirteenth century it got markedly colder in Europe“. The reason was a number of erupting volcanoes at various locations around the globe, the documentary says (32:10) that it cooled the global climate for almost 500 years. So according to the ZDF, the sun stopped playing a role in climate change 800 years ago. Strange that all the other climate changes before that, the sun was always to blame.

No matter what the real reason for the post MWP cooling may have been, the ZDF tells us that it was warm during the Medieval Warm Period and that it then cooled substantially after 1300 AD. That de facto refutes the bogus claims of a steady climate made by Michael Mann.

Longest cold period since the last ice age

In fact, the ZDF documentary calls the Little Ice Age, which had a solid lock on Europe by the year 1500 AD, “the longest cold period since the last ice age” (33:15).  And there’s a huge magnitude of literature available from the times clearly documenting the extreme weather and hardship endured by Europe during this time. Here old records describe extreme storms and harsh weather, crop failures, starvation, pestilence and widespread death (36:00). In just 100 years, the population reduced by one third. Fear gripped the continent and sorcerers were blamed (36:50). (Sound familiar?) 60,000 people were burned at the stake for “cooperating with the Devil” in brewing bad weather. Today we have crazed lawyers wanting to put industries on trial for the same thing.

Clearly the ZDF documentary tells us that cold periods are disasters, and warm ones, like the one we are witnessing today, are hugely advantageous.

At the 37:30 mark the ZDF describes how glaciers advanced over North America, Scandinavia and the Alps, where entire villages were swallowed by the ice. Things got so bad that Europe plunged into war and mayhem (38:20), eventually culminating in the French Revolution (39:10). The final icing on the cake was delivered by the Indonesian volcano Tambora in 1815, which gave the world the year without a summer in 1816 (40:30).

Modern warming – sun nowhere near in sight

The Little ice Age ended around 1850 with what the ZDF suprisingly calls the “beginning of a period with moderate and stable temperatures. It characterizes the weather until today.” (41:30).

At the 42:00 minute mark the ZDF finally deviates from reason, claiming that for the first time in history, with industrialization, man has changed the climate of the earth. No more mention of the sun as a factor, which made its last appearance on the climate stage 800 years ago. Now it’s mankind’s fault. I was expecting the documentary to end in this silly way, and I was not wrong in doing so.

Mad Maslin

Mark Maslin at the end puts the icing on the cake, making a totally insane comment at the 42:30 mark where he proclaims that man actually now has the chance to take control of the climate – away from the sun, oceans and other forces of nature. Try not to burst out laughing:

We are now at the point where we can decide what the climate of the future will look like. When we as a world community, all nations working together, are able to really prevent global warming, that would be fantastic. That would be the first time that the climate doesn’t control us, but rather us would control it. We can make sure that all future generations will have a stable climate.”

Wow! Just pay them indulgences. Apart from Maslin’s and the ZDF’s sheer nonsense in the last two minutes, an excellent documentary on the climate since the last ice age.


Catholic Church On The Road To Hell? Following Junk Climate Science, Deception And Climate Fortune Telling

Awhile back I announced I was disassociating myself from the Catholic Church because of their growing acceptance of the wacky man-made global warming theory. How can it be that the Church, symbol of truth and morality, would accept a science that is built on outright lies, flakey theories, deception and fortunetelling? That’s no Church for me.

Pope_TO DO LISTSome readers thought that I may have acted to hastily, and advised me to at least wait until the Pope releases his upcoming encyclical on the topic. Maybe the Vatican is not really quite going in that direction.

Unfortunately that hardly seems to be the case. All signs are pointing to a Vatican that is ready to accept the bogus science. One can only speculate about what earthly benefit they may be getting in return. Even the Vatican’s soul can be bought.

For example the Vatican writes in a December 11 press release concerning the Lima Conference that climate protection is “a grave ethical and moral responsibility” and that “the consequences of environmental change […] remind us of the grave consequences of mismanagement and inaction.” and that “The time for seeking global solutions is running out” claiming there exists a clear, definitive and unpostponable ethical imperative to act”.

I’d say the Vatican’s position is quite clear. The press release continues:

Pope Francis thus emphasised that an ‘effective battle against global warming will be possible only through a responsible collective response that sets aside particular interests and behaviours and develops free from political and economic pressures’.”

Other Vatican press releases on the subject use the same language.

Today the reports on the Pope’s upcoming visit to the Phillipines. It writes: “A worldwide campaign is emerging among Catholic individuals and organizations concerned about climate change and protecting the environment. The Global Catholic Climate Movement went public Jan. 14, coinciding with the visit of Pope Francis to the Philippines.”

Okay, this does not appear to be a direct initiative from the Vatican, but it is one that is awfully close to it. As more Catholics adopt global warming, it is only a question of time before the Church becomes divided.

Also new today is that Catholics in Australia are joining global movement to curb climate change. Great, these Catholics now believe in rain-dancing and indulgences.

They write:

We accept the findings of scientific leaders, such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), that humanity’s greenhouse gas emissions are contributing to widespread and mostly harmful changes to planetary systems. We are certain that anthropogenic [human-made] climate change endangers God’s creation and us all, particularly the poor, whose voices have already spoken of the impacts of an altered climate.”

It’s one thing when the members leave the Church, but it’s quite another when the Church leaves its members – and joins up with a flakey movement that is based on phony data, deception, slimy politics and fortunetelling. I have no desire to follow the Vatican in this folly. The Church has to come back to the truth, and not the other way around.

The Vatican would be very wise make an immediate course correction and to take a neutral position on the issue.

PS: My “Pope’s “to-do list” is meant to be satirical.

World’s Second Largest Reinsurer Swiss Re Sees Huge Drop In Losses From Natural/Manmade Catastrophes In 2014!

The online Swiss Handelszeitung (Trade News) reports on the world’s second largest reinsurer Swiss Re, and on the losses from natural catastrophes for 2014. Let’s recall that natural catastrophes are supposedly becoming more and more frequent due to the alleged man-made climate worsening from manmade CO2 emissions.

Hat-tip: Kurt

However the Handelszeitung writes that preliminary estimates show that the Swiss reinsurer saw “markedly less damage claims than in previous years” and far less loss of lives. Fortunately this is lots of good news, but the catastrophe-obsessed media are refusing to report it.

Deaths plunge almost 60%!

According to preliminary Swiss Re estimates, total economic losses from natural catastrophes and man-made disasters were USD 113 billion in 2014, down from USD 135 billion in 2013. Out of the total economic losses, insurers covered USD 34 billion in 2014, down 24% from USD 45 billion in 2013.

The 2014 loss amount is way below the annual average of $188 billion dollars for the past 10 years, 1.e. over 41% less.

The Swiss Re press release writes that disaster events have claimed around 11,000 lives this year – down almost a whopping 60% from the 27,000 fatalities in 2013.

“No major hurricane”

The Zurich, Switzerland based reinsurer attributes the reduced damage in part to “the mild hurricane season“. It adds: “No major hurricane made landfall in the US, the ninth year running that this has happened.”

“Very low temperatures and heavy snow”

Moreover, the major losses resulted from cold events. The Swiss Re writes that “2014 started with extreme winter conditions in the US and Japan and, as the year drew to a close, the Northeast US was once again gripped by very low temperatures and heavy snow. The storms in the US at the beginning of 2014 alone caused insured losses of USD 1.7 billion. This is above the average full-year winter storm loss number of USD 1.1 billion of the previous 10 years. In mid-May, a spate of strong storms with large hail stones hit many parts of the US over a five-day period, resulting in insured losses of USD 2.9 billion, the highest of the year.”

Another myth bites the dust.


Germany’s Growing Green Dictatorship: Grandmothers Putting Climate Protection Targets “In Jeopardy”!

Not only do the hysterical global warming bedwetters want us to do it with the lights off in unheated room with all our clothes on, now they are poised to request senior citizens to leave their cars in the garage and get around in the rain and snow by foot with their Rollators.

Hat-tip: DirkH

The Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung (HAZ) reports on a regional Hanover study that found senior citizens are responsible for harming the climate because “they like driving their cars“. According to the HAZ, the study was conducted by the GGR expert assessment office based in Hamburg, on behalf of the Hanover regional government.

Seniors putting climate targets in jeopardy

The report finds that many senior citizens in the Hanover region “are driving their cars longer and more frequently than in the past” and as a result “the region’s own climate protection target in the area of transportation is in jeopardy“.

Obviously the enlightened Hanover government officials are afraid that the climate gods will be angered if old people do not start behaving properly.

One has to be concerned, if not frightened, that such ridiculous studies are being commissioned and used by governments to justify policy in the first place. The study was commissioned by Hanover’s regional government.

Apparently they feel it is their business to find out who is driving around too much. And under the guise of “climate protection”, the state now believes it has the authority to intrude into our private bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, our cars and every aspect of our lives and boss everyone around.

The HAZ writes:

In the city of Hanover there is a positive development among the citizenry in the direction of climate-friendly behavior. However the figures in the surrounding area are stagnating, the GGR claims.”

Despite the “positive development” in Hanover in reaching climate protection targets, mostly through the herding of people into public transportation and bikepaths, the GGR has discovered that seniors living in the surrounding areas outside of Hanover are using their cars far more than they should. The HAZ quotes the GGR report:

Today’s generation of seniors have a driver license more than ever before. In the meantime older ladies are driving with an automobile almost as often as men are.”

God forbid. The increased mobility of grandmothers, the report concludes, means that they are “as a whole producing more emissions even though the cars are more environmentally friendly.”

As policymakers fly to a climate conference for the 20th time, grandma will have to use the Rollator

The report strongly suggests that poor grandmother should use her Rollator more to get around instead of driving her car, or wait 3 hours for the next bus to come by.

The HAZ writes:

In the whole region people are walking less than they did a decade ago. However, a need for action here has not been mentioned up to now.”

Meanwhile, German politicians, NGOs, and activists are all flying (some in first class) and burning tons of jet fuel (at taxpayer expense) all the way to South America – for the 20th climate conference which is aimed at finding ways to protect the climate.


EIKE: IPCC Synthesis Report “In Crass Contradiction To Almost Every Measurement And Trend In Nature”

The Germany-based European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) presents a detailed analysis on the IPCC’s recently published final 40-page Synthesis Report released earlier this month.

Image source: IPCC

EIKE, however, concludes that the IPCC report is fraught with error and distortion. Author Klaus-Eckart Puls writes:

Not only does it contain major contradictions, simplifications and even falsehoods with respect to the earlier comprehensive partial reports, it is a stark contraction to almost every measurement and trend in nature. This is being noticed by event the alarmist tending media [3] : ‘Indeed while the previous climate reports [The 3 comprehensive reports of 2013/14] for the most part provided the science and the contradictions, the new Synthesis report suppresses most of the scientific findings.'”

Puls then provides a list contradictions, falsehoods and distortions stemming from the new Synthesis Report, all of which are refuted by measurements and facts which Puls provides:

1. air temperature
2. sea level rise
3. ocean temperature
4. storms
5. polar ice
6. extreme weather
7. crop yields
8. species extinctions
9. man is responsible

Puls summarizes (reiterating some of what he wrote in his introduction:

In the 40-page Summary for Policymakers [1] published in early November, the IPCC in large part contradicts the depictions and data in its own(!) comprehensive reports (several thousand pages) it released at the end of 2013 and early 2014. The summery-statements stand also in crass contradiction to almost every trend-measurement found in nature over the past 150 years.

For example the online SPIEGEL [3] writes: ‘Final IPCC Report: At the Intergovernmental Panel on climate Change, Alarmism Comes before Accuracy’ … ‘The document is supposed to rationally inform on the science – instead it suppresses the central contradictions.’ … ‘Indeed while the previous climate reports [The 3 comprehensive reports of 2013/14] for the most part provided the science and the contradictions, the new Synthesis Report suppresses most of the scientific findings’.”

Thanks – that suffices!”

World’s Largest Re-Insurer “Munich Re” $ponsors 2014 “Extreme Weather Congress” In Hamburg!

Today parts of the German mainstream media have begun reporting on the 9th Extreme Weather Conference in Hamburg, which began today and is slated to end on Friday. The direct link to the program-pdf here. Of course the focus of the Congress will be on the claimed “increasing frequency of extreme weather events”.

In all 3000 experts are attending, along with 2500 Hamburg school pupils.

What especially raises eye brows is the fact that the event is sponsored by the Munich Re reinsurer, the biggest in the world. The Munich-Germany-based reinsurer of course stands to profit handsomely from the spreading of extreme weather fear; it makes it it a lot easier to jack up premiums (see “Spiegel Online doubts the catastrophe scenarios of the Munich Re“).

Also very murky is the identity of the organizer of the Congress: Institute for Weather and Climate Communication” (IWK). At their Die kalte Sonne website here, German skeptics Sebastian Lüning and Fritz Vahrenholt looked into who is behind the mysterious IWK? They write:

The result is sobering: Apparently the institute really does not have its own Internet platform. So we took a look at the legal page of Here indeed the “Institute for Weather and Climate Communication GmbH” is given. Listed as the managing directors are Frank Böttcher and Alexander Hübener. Frank Böttcher? Indeed we’ve written about him as well: “Extreme weather “expert” Frank Böttcher does not not know about the latest literature: Latest research results on global cyclone activity are damaging is climate-alarmist business“. Without climate fear and extreme weather alarm, the number of visitors for the commercialized Extreme Weather Congress would certainly be limited. Thus it’s little wonder that Böttcher, because of promotional reasons, is fervently preaching climatic doomsday to attract visitors into his auditorium.”

Lüning and Vahrenholt also look at a list of persons slated to appear: “Paul Becker of the German Weather Service, a climate alarmist to the bone. Peter Höppe of the Munich Re reinsurer will attend the introductory press conference, thus getting his sponsoring money’s worth.”

No skeptic was invited to the present at the Extreme Weather Congress. For the second year in a row Lüning and Vahrenholt were denied the opportunity to present there.

Vahrenholt and Lüning also ask themselves whether Mojib Latif will be able to muster the courage to disclose some inconvenient things that up to now he only has quietly admitted in the scientific literature. See “Mojib Latif: the proof of an anthropogenic climate contribution is difficult because the natural ocean cycles dominated” and “Mojib Latif in the presentation in USA: CO2 sensitivity was set too high by the IPCC“.

There is a bit of hope: “honest broker” and alarmism-critic Hans von Storch has also been invited, and so maybe he will infuse a little sobriety into the Hamburg climate panic-fest, see “Climate scientist Hans von Storch: Climate models possibly do not take solar activity sufficiently into account” and “Judith Curry prognosticates warming pause until the 2030s: Hans von Storch in such a case demands a vote of no-confidence against CO2“.

Overall, however, in view of the sponsorship by the world’s biggest player in the re-insurance industry, the murkiness surrounding the event’s organizers, and their exclusion of scientists with other views and data, the event has everything to do with serving corporate special interests rather than those of science.


Extreme Stupidity: Bremen’s ‘Weser Kurier’ Daily Now Claiming Climate Change Is Damaging Church Organs

This story is a perfect illustration of how today’s journalists will print anything they told by swindling climate scientists.

Bremen’s Weser Kurier daily is very sure: “Climate change is damaging organs”

By Sebastian Lüning and Fritz Vahrenholt
(Translated, edited by P Gosselin)

The newspaper of the German port city of Bremen, the Weser Kurier surprised its readers on September 8 with almost unbelievable news:

Climate change is damaging organs

It sounds like a paradox, but the consequences of climate change were visible to see with the St. Andreas Church organ a few weeks ago. ‘The instrument was beset by mold and mildew“, says organ builder Martin Hillebrand from Isernhagen. For about six weeks he and his team have been working in the church to meticulously clean the organ and to fine-tune the pipes.”

We already suspected climate change for many things, but its role as a vandal of church organs is something new. So how does it cause mold and mildew to infest the organ? How does that work? The Weser Kurier tells us:

The mold infestation in the instrument is not a single occurrence – quite to the contrary. According to Hillebrand about 70 percent of the organs in so-called village churches are under attack. ‘This involves mainly churches where the people congregate for mass only every other week or less often. These churches are thus heated less and so in the wintertime they quickly become very prone to moisture,’ said the expert. Fungus attacks are also helped by warm, moist climate in the summertime. ‘Research instituites have shown that this and the relative humidity will increase in the future,’ says Hillebrand.”

So it’s not really due to climate change, but moreso people are going to church less and less? Those who do not heat have to expect mold – that’s been a well-known rule for a very long time. Warm, humid summers in Germany are also known. In summer it’s warm, and in winter it’s cold. What’s new? Only the relative humidity remains. Has it really risen over the last decades because of climate change? Here we take a look at the data from Braunschweig at the norddeutschen Klimamonitor website (Figure 1).

Oh dear, the relative humidity has actually trended downwards over the last 50 years. Climate change is not guilty! The problem actually appears to be caused by the lack of heating in churches, which promotes mold infestation. The climate-activist Weser Kurier once again regrettably has told its readers nonsense. The editors would surely welcome some letters from readers. Here is their contact page.

Figure 1: Trend of relative humidity in Braunschweig. Source: norddeutscher Klimamonitor.


Spreading Climate-Religion Wackiness… Now “Mobile Phones Are Climate-Killers”…”13 Megatonnes Of CO2″!

Just a couple of anecdotes today to illustrate how wacky the climate-change religion is getting.

First is a short blurb appearing at the online Linux Magazine bearing the title: “Mobile phones are climate killers“. This is for real.

Using your mobile phone and sending text messages apparently is contributing to bad weather and the death of the climate. Linux magazine writes:

The greenhouse gases coming from the recharging of mobile phone and tablets – this year already will be 6.4 megatonnes, about half of what is projected for 2019, – is equivalent to the emissions of about 1.1 million cars.”

Linux Magazine cites a study conducted by Juniper Research.

The other sign showing the climate trend is getting increasingly kooky that caught my eye today is a photo posted by Rudolf Kipp at Facebook.

Kipp wine

Photo: Rudolf Kipp

Would you like your wine dry, sweet…or green?

I’m sure glad I drink Scotch instead. And when it comes to wine, I never liked Dornfelder anyhow.

And seeing how masses of people are stupid and gullible enough to accept all the nonsense hook, line and sinker, a little Scotch now and then certainly helps.

And a final word to all the distillers of Scotch out there. I warn you: If I hear or see any of this bio/sustainable madness with regards to the production of your products, then I’ll never buy another bottle from you again. I hope especially you Islay distillers take note.


Munich Re Report: Top 2014 Weather Catastrophe Losses Due To Cold-Related Events, “Record Harsh Winter”!

We keep hearing from alarmists that storms are becoming more violent and more frequent, and thus storm damage and deaths are rising – all because of man-made global WARMING. Unless we stop driving SUV’s, mankind in the future will be wiped out by global warming-precipitated bad weather. Hat-tip: DirkH.

However, the world’s largest re-insurer (and a very active proponent of global warming catastrophe), Munich Re, has just released its latest “catastrophe report“, which looks at the first half of 2014. In it there are some interesting admissions.

Economic losses plummet 56%

“The statistics for natural catastrophes for the first half of 2014 have been marked by pleasingly low levels of global claims. Overall economic losses of US$ 42bn and insured losses of US$ 17bn to the end of June were considerably below the average for the past ten years (US$ 95bn and US$ 25bn respectively).

That translates to an almost 56% drop in economic losses from natural catastrophes (not necessarily weather-related, e.g. earthquakes, volcanoes).

Deaths down eye-popping 95%!

“Thankfully, the number of deaths caused by natural catastrophes was also comparatively low. During the first half of the year, 2700 people died as a result of natural catastrophes, which was much lower than is normal during the first six months of a year (10-year average: 53,000). There were around 490 loss-relevant natural catastrophes.”

Only 2700 people died, normal is 53,000! That’s a drop of 95%. Despite the good news, the Munich Re insists there’s been “no change in the overall risk situation“, and so premiums unfortunately will have to stay high because global warming catastrophes are lurking.

“Snowstorms”, harsh “record winter” cause biggest losses!

Ironically the most damage was not caused by something we typically associate with global warming, but rather with global cooling!

“The effect of loss susceptibility on claims was clearly demonstrated by two snowstorms in Japan. These storms in February, which hit Tokyo and central Japan in particular, brought overall losses of around US$ 5bn and insured losses of more than US$ 2.5bn, and were the most costly natural catastrophe worldwide in the first half of the year. Snowfalls of up to a metre are very unusual in the affected provinces in Japan, though they would cause very few problems in other countries. There were numerous accidents, and the roofs of many halls and greenhouses collapsed under the weight of the snow.

Record North American winter, blizzards cause losses

“The record winter in North America also caused significant losses, with extremely cold temperatures and heavy snowfalls over a longer period in many parts of the USA and Canada. The losses from various blizzards totalled around US$ 3.4bn. The most costly snowstorm was in the first week of January: losses for this storm alone totalled US$ 2.5bn, of which US$ 1.7bn was insured. In many instances the harsh winter also had a heavy impact on business, as companies were forced to stop production. At the end of January, a blizzard brought the Atlanta metropolitan area almost to a standstill, even though only a few centimetres of snow had fallen. Snow and ice made the highways impassable, as there was a lack of snow-clearing equipment for a city unused to such conditions.”

Munich Re contorts to blame it on “climate change”

Of course for a company whose business plan is based on promoting global warming catastrophe, the unexpected harsh winter losses may lead to clients asking questions. The Munich Re then undergoes contortions to link the cold to global warming:

“According to Peter Höppe, Head of Munich Re’s Geo Risks Research Department, there is a link between the weather extremes in the northern hemisphere this winter. “These extremes – with heavy winter conditions in North America and Asia, and the extraordinarily mild winter across large parts of Europe – were due to significant and lengthy meanders in the jet stream”, said Höppe. “And scientists are still having intense debates about whether such sustained changes to patterns in the jet stream – and therefore also the frequency of such extreme and persistent weather conditions – might increase in the future due to climate change.”

When one scrutinizes the Munich report, little damage arises from warm events. The warm weather cited is restricted to Europe, which represents a tiny fraction of the world’s surface.

USA tornadoes down 25%

“The tornado season in the USA, which peaks from May to July, has been below average so far. The US weather agency NOAA recorded 721 tornadoes until end of June, in comparison to an average of 1,026 in the years 2005–2013.”

But hey! “Videos filmed on 17 June showed an extremely rare twin tornado in the State of Nebraska.” Wow! Aint that something! Must be global warming.

Munich Re sees no “super El Niño” this fall

Over the rest of the year, weather events will probably see increasing impact from ENSO, a naturally occurring phenomenon that involves fluctuating ocean temperatures in the equatorial Pacific. “With the contrary effects of El Niño and La Niña, ENSO can influence weather patterns in many parts of the world”, said Höppe. “It currently looks as though a moderate El Niño will develop by the autumn, with warm water from the South Pacific moving from west to east, thus shifting wind systems and precipitation across the Pacific basin.”

La Niña prognosis for next year…hurricanes!

“Hurricane activity in the northern Atlantic normally decreases during El Niño phases. The number of typhoons in the northwest Pacific usually increases, but they make landfall more rarely. Tornado activity increases in the USA. “This gives a different distribution of losses across regions. Globally, our loss database NatCatSERVICE records no significant differences in overall losses in moderate El Niño years when compared to neutral years, whereas losses are significantly lower in years with a strong El Niño”, said Höppe. The stronger the El Niño, the more likely it is that there will be a La Niña in the following year, when hurricane activity tends to increase.”


Big Insurance Getting Set To Use Junk Science To Gouge The Poor…”Climate Liability” Insurance

If you do an Internet search of “climate liability insurance“, you will quickly find that it is one of the latest schemes being promoted by insurance companies, banking and even fossil fuel companies to curb “dangerous climate change”. Here they stand to make huge piles of cash by claiming CO2 is causing bad weather. It’s the latest proposed scam to shake down hundreds of billions from consumers and the poor.

Switzerland’s Neue Züricher Zeitung NZZ (New Zurich Newspaper) has a commentary on the “merits” of climate liability insurance.

It works as follows: The “fact” that greenhouse gas CO2 is responsible for storms and thus the property damage they cause is pushed. Fossil fuel companies (at the start of the CO2 supply chain) are held liable for the resulting “climate damage”, and so are forced to buy climate liability insurance. In such a scheme the premiums are based on how much fossil fuel production each company is responsible for. Based on complex calculations, a figure of 15 dollars per tonne of CO2 would be payable by fossil fuel producing companies, in total 400 billion dollars annually. The huge costs added would then be passed along to the consumers and the poor, who find themselves at the bottom of the fossil fuel energy chain.

So what would happen to the 400 billion dollars in premiums that would be collected annually? The NZZ writes: “National, regional and local authorities would have the right to apply for compensatory damage payments because of storm damage to infrastructure” and “A part of the premiums would be invested in projects for the prevention of climate damage; financial instruments (e.g. catastrophe bonds and Green Climate Fund) are already available.” That means green energy companies.

In the end this all has the same effect as a hefty tax on the poor and middle class. Naturally big banks and insurance companies are salivating, as are green energy companies, governments and fossil fuel companies because they stand to profit handsomely.

The NZZ writes that climate liability insurance would be easier to implement because the scheme would not require any international treaty. Moreover, fossil fuel companies would have few qualms about playing along as they would have a good excuse to jack up energy prices. The NZZ:

Climate liability insurance functions when a number of relevant companies start using it. The pressure to play along would successively build up– through appropriate laws in individual countries and foremost because more and more companies, NGOs, and consumers would demand manufactured products be made with insured fossil fuels.”

In the end consumers would be willing to pay more because of having been tricked into believing they are improving the weather.

What would consumers really get in return? They’ll never see any perceptible changes in weather – perhaps a few hundredths of a degree less warming. Many consumers of course will complain about the dubious charging. But no problem, proponents will always be able to claim that the weather would have been worse had the consumers not paid the costs of climate liability insurance. Making tonnes of money with the weather has never been easier. The only thing that is needed are masses of gullible suckers who stand ready to believe anything.


USA’s Monster “Climate-Catastrophe”…Of 1936 (When CO2 Was At “Safe” Level of 310 PPM)!

Swindlers are out there trying to sell us that bad weather is something new and happening because atmospheric CO2 concentration are “too high”. If only we paid carbon taxes and gave them more regulatory power, then we could prevent bad weather from happening and return to a Garden of Eden.

To some us all this sounds silly, of course. But many dimwitted people actually believe it.

Steve Goddard at Twitter brought my attention to the following newspaper clipping (I’ve cut and pasted piecemeal below) from the Perth Australia Daily News, dated 1936. As you will read, the scale of the disaster and the extremes are beyond anything we have ever witnessed today.





Weather like we had back when CO2 was only 310 ppm? No thanks!


Also read Europe’s disaster of 1540 here.


Leading German Daily: “Apocalypse Will Not Take Place”…Richard Tol: “97% Consensus Does Not Exist”!

Tol_FAZThe German media are giving time and space to skeptical voices.

The latest is a report appearing in Germany’s print high-profile national daily the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) which features climate economist Richard Tol titled: “The apocalypse won’t take place“.

Image above, right: FAZ

The subheading reads: “Climate economist Richard Tol sees the consequences of global warming as manageable – he has become a “figure of hate for green activists

The FAZ describes the controversial 44-year old Dutch scientist and outspoken IPCC critic as someone who in the early days was “quite green”, comes from a modest background, but who developed to become one of the world’s leading authorities in his field. The FAZ:

Tol is one of the most productive and most respected researchers in his field. He is (co)author of more than 250 papers in renowned journals and according to the Ideas-Repec databank, among the top 100 scientists worldwide.”

The FAZ reports on how Tol believes the IPCC has gone overboard with hysterical scenarios for the future and as a result had his name removed from the IPCC’s final report.

On claims that 97% of climate scientists are in agreement, the FAZ writes:

Such a consensus does not exist, he explains. ‘Climate science is very bitter and politicized.’ He sees the unpleasant tendency of scientists getting more attention by issuing ever more drastic warnings.”

According to the FAZ, Tol is confident that humans can overcome the challenges posed by climate change through their uncanny ability to adapt by applying their ingenuity. His come country of Holland is cited as an example with the construction of dikes to hold back the seas. Another example he cites is the huge gain in agricultural yields over the past decades that will provide ample supplies of food in a warmer world.

Overall Tol believes “the European Union is on the wrong path” with its climate policy of costly subsidies for the feed-in of green energies, which has scarcely has an impact on climate.

It should all be discarded and the ten thousand climate bureaucrats should look for new jobs. We need a policy change”

In the FAZ article, Tol is in favour of a carbon tax because in his view it is “the only effective measure.”

Richard Tol is Professor of the Economics of Climate Change at the Institute for Environmental Studies & Department of Spatial Economics, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam; Research Fellow at the Tinbergen Institute, Amsterdam; Research Network Fellow at the CESifo, Munich, Germany; and Co-Editor of Energy Economics


Coming Meat Ban? New Study: Meat-Eaters Emit More Than Twice As Much Greenhouse Gases As Vegans

A new study by researchers in England claim that people who eat lots of meat emit much more CO2 than vegans. Worse: the nutty scientists are urging governments to change dietary guidelines.

At the journal of Climatic Change, Peter Scarborough et al claim that “reducing the intake of meat and other animal based products can make a valuable contribution to climate change mitigation.”

Moreover they urge: “National governments that are considering an update of dietary recommendations in order to define a ‘healthy, sustainable diet’ must incorporate the recommendation to lower the consumption of animal-based products.”

The team of scientists computed the average daily CO2 emissions for 6 different diet groups. Here are their results:

1. high meat eaters: 7.19 kg/day
2. Medium meat-eaters: 5.63 kg/day
3. low meat-eaters: 4.67 kg/day
4. fish-eaters: 3.91 kg/day
5. vegetarians: 3.81 kg/day
6. vegans: 2.89 kg/day

The paper’s abstract follows:

The production of animal-based foods is associated with higher greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions than plant-based foods. The objective of this study was to estimate the difference in dietary GHG emissions between self-selected meat-eaters, fish-eaters, vegetarians and vegans in the UK. Subjects were participants in the EPIC-Oxford cohort study. The diets of 2,041 vegans, 15,751 vegetarians, 8,123 fish-eaters and 29,589 meat-eaters aged 20–79 were assessed using a validated food frequency questionnaire. Comparable GHG emissions parameters were developed for the underlying food codes using a dataset of GHG emissions for 94 food commodities in the UK, with a weighting for the global warming potential of each component gas. The average GHG emissions associated with a standard 2,000 kcal diet were estimated for all subjects. ANOVA was used to estimate average dietary GHG emissions by diet group adjusted for sex and age. The age-and-sex-adjusted mean (95 % confidence interval) GHG emissions in kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalents per day (kgCO2e/day) were 7.19 (7.16, 7.22) for high meat-eaters ( > = 100 g/d), 5.63 (5.61, 5.65) for medium meat-eaters (50-99 g/d), 4.67 (4.65, 4.70) for low meat-eaters ( < 50 g/d), 3.91 (3.88, 3.94) for, 3.81 (3.79, 3.83) for vegetarians and 2.89 (2.83, 2.94) for vegans.

In conclusion, dietary GHG emissions in self-selected meat-eaters are approximately twice as high as those in vegans. It is likely that reductions in meat consumption would lead to reductions in dietary GHG emissions.”

The science road to disaster

It’s rather frightening that scientists are now attempting to urge governments to promote extremely dubious if not dangerous diets onto the population, all based on the junk science of global warming. Should scientists narrowly focused on one topic be in the business of advising governments on matters concerning nutrition.

The low-fat/high carb diet massively promoted by western governments and corrupt food and pharmaceutical industries over the course of the 21st century, and based on junk science, has already led to a nutrition genocide where tens of millions of people are now dying slow/painful deaths from cardiovascular disease, cancer, record obesity and diabetes. Now a worsening of the human diet is being pushed.

Governments are gearing up to take an already catastrophic nutritional situation and to turn it into global mass murder by mal-nutrition and starvation. It’s mass human sacrifice, all being justified by the superstition and nonsense of a man-made climate catastrophe – in the year 2100 or 2200.

Skeptical climate scientists who have remained silent so far better start speaking up very soon. This movement has been taken over by some real nut-cases, and threatens to really get out of hand.

Watching/listening to the following videos may save your life or extend it 10-20 years:
Oiling of America
How Bad Science and Big Business Created the Obesity Epidemic
Wheat Murder (skip first 6 mins.)

And if you think veganism is good for you, then look at what it does to kids:
Tree-Hugging Vegetarian Environmentalists…Just Look At Their Kids!


Germany’s FOCUS Magazine Calls 400 PPM CO2 Concentration “A Critical Threshhold” With “Palpable Impacts”

Only a short post today due to time constraints.

The German catastrophists-in-a-hurry media already see the earth being beyond the tipping point and every weather anomaly as a sign of human sin.

Geologist Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Professor of Chemistry Fritz Vahrenholt write about a prime example of media climate propaganda that one often finds in catastrophe-obsessed Germany. They write:

Michael Odenwald, who is responsible for the populist climate alarm at the German FOCUS news magazine, has struck again. On June 3, 2014 Odenwald penned the following apocalyptic article at the online Focus:

‘Drought, crop failure, ice melt, greenhouse gas record: Never has so much CO2 been measured
For the first time the concentration of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide has exceeded for an entire month a critical threshold. The consequences are an advancing global warming and the now palpable impacts.’

The 4-page article is chock full climate alarmist ideas. Lots of studies that support the catastrophe theories are listed and cited. But upon closer inspection, almost every single one of the claims is not supported by science. We’ve been through it all in detail, and so it is not necessary to repeat it again. The FOCUS chief editors would be well-advised to have Odenwald’s  articles to first be checked by independent scientists. Of course here we do not mean member of the PIK (Potsdam Institute). When one reads the FOCUS alarm-piece, one gets the uneasy feeling that the PIK scientists may have probably participated in writing the text…

Reading Odenwald’s claim that the 400 ppm level is “a critical threshold” and backs it up with anecdotes, one gets the impression that he thinks we have already gone beyond the point of no return and that CO2 emitted by man is now the sole cause of all bad weather. Years.

What does this tell us about journalism? If you cannot properly analyze anything, thus making you completely useless to do any practical job, then become a journalist.


Obama Plan Will Have Miniscule Global Impact…Der Spiegel: CO2 Will Keep Rising 1.1% Annually For Next 20 Years!

[Note: The report at Spiegel is one that comes from the DPA German news agency.]

The online Der Spiegel writes how global CO2 emissions are projected to keep rising strongly, 1.1% annually, at least until 2035 – thanks to strong economic growth in emerging countries like India and China.

Obama’s newly announced actions to curb CO2 emissions by America’s coal fired power plants will do almost nothing to prevent global energy trends from progressing in the opposite direction, the DPA writes.

Moreover, not even drastic global action would prevent CO2 emissions from rising. The DPA writes that “energy generation would need to be revamped worldwide  – up to going totally without coal, or catching the CO2 from the power plants. That is hardly realistic.”

Decrease in global poverty adding to energy demands. Number of automobiles worldwide to more than double by 2035!

As emerging countries continue to develop, so will their need for energy. Spiegel cites studies from the World Energy Outlook of the IEA, the BP Energy Outlook 2035 and the World Oil Outlook 2013 from Opec. One sector that is expanding massively is automobile production. Spiegel writes:

Just the number of cars alone will more than double by the year 2015, from 1.1 billion 2.3 billion.”

India’s car ownership will jump from 20 cars per 1000 Indians today, to 130 by 2035. In China that measure will go from 80 today to 360.

Clearly the measures implemented by Obama will have no noticeable impact on the climate of the future, but threaten burdening Americans will trillions in added costs.

Global population will also increase strongly over the next 20 years. As a result, the even most sober studies see no chance of curbing CO2 emissions. The IEA writes that also in the year 2035 worldwide energy demand will be predominantly covered by fossil fuels. Today that figure is currently 86%. The DPA writes:

Here neither the new plans from Obama to reduce greenhouse gases will change anything – nor the German plans.”

So CO2 will continue its unstoppable rise along with human prosperity and population. And should the temperature fail to rise much by 2035, as many scientists are predicting, then we will know that all the climate hysteria was for nothing. That, we suspect, is what the warmists are fearing the most. The truth is coming – like it or not.


German Interview With Patrick Moore: Greenpeace Living “In An Absolute Dream World”…Poverty Is Biggest Threat

Patrick_Moore_(environmentalist)German online Novo Argumente here features an interview with Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore. Today he is one of the environmental organization’s harshest critics.

Photo right: Partick Moore, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

Moore tells readers how things have run amok at the activist organization, claiming it has changed from one that “not only cared about the environment, but also about people” to one that has since transformed to today’s radical organization “that characterizes people fundamentally as enemies of the earth.” He continues:

I believe that its refusal to make demands that are scientifically based combined with a leftist, anti-American and anti-market-economy attitude has led the environmental movement into an ideological dead-end in which it finds itself today.”

Later in the interview Moore says that today’s biggest environmental challenge facing the earth today is poverty.

Poor people today cannot afford to treat wastewater, to clean the air, to reforest, etc. Poverty is a problem for man and for the environment. Fighting poverty helps both. There’s no contradiction.”

Moore says he left Greenpeace because the organization opted to follow a course based on confrontation and anti-development. He also believes that the organization’s popularity is because the environmental movement has indeed become a religion.

Radical environmentalists he says are hypocritical and confused in that they don’t understand that the gadgets that they themselves love using, like mobile phones, bicycles and rapid transport, buildings and wind turbines, come from the very things they protest. “It’s an absolute dream world.”

He illustrates further:

To demonstrate against fossil energies, Greenpeace attacked a Russian offshore drilling rig with a large boat equipped with diesel engines. […] When we sailed to Alaska to protest nuclear testing, we had no atomic weapons on board. They act like their new 32 million dollar boat is powered by sails when in reality it has a 5000 horsepower diesel engine. […] I just want to underscore what a dream world these people live in.”

Moore thinks that that fear and guilt play a big role in the religion. “This works the best with the global warming issue.

At the end, Moore blasts Greenpeace’s opposition to approving golden rice.

Two million children die annually from diseases related to Vitamin A-deficiencies. If I take the precautionary principle seriously, then I can only demand that golden rice be immediately approved. If Vitamin A deficiency were a disease like malaria and someone discovered a medicine to heal the disease, it would not be long before people would use it.”

The whole interview is well worth reading and it hopefully it will appear soon in English.


Rash Of Weather Extremes In 1936 …Before 15 Billion “Hiroshima Bombs Worth Of Heat” Were Added To Our Climate!

We keep hearing from alarmists that if we sacrifice by giving up carbon based fuels and bring atmospheric CO2 concentrations below 350 ppm, then we will get nice weather with far fewer extremes – like in the 1930s.

Reader Jimbo however shows that this is all bogus. Now he has compiled a list of extreme weather events occurring in 1936…before 15 billion “Hiroshima bombs worth of heat” were added to the climate system by humans – and at a time when CO2 were well below the “safe level” of 350 ppm.

Recall awhile back we posted Jimbo’s list of extreme weather events for the year 1935 here.

Now he has his list of…

World’s Weirdest Weather America’s Blizzard Of Mud
WILD WEATHER MORE WILD WEATHER Tornado’s Wreckage East and West

DEATHS IN CANADA SIX HUNDRED IN ONTARIO […worst six days’ heat wave in the history…]
Relief in Sight After 5,000 Perish….America Heat Wave…..
Antarctic Expedition. Polar Heat Wave.
Black Swan Dies In Sudden Heat Wave, But Polar Bears Survive
OVER 90DEG. FOR FOUR DAYS Temperature Record For October [Brisbane]

UNITED STATES IN GRIP OF COLD WAVE Over 200 Deaths Blizzards, Snowstorms and Frost Widespread Suffering
FROZEN CANADA 50 Degrees Below Zero Worst Cold in Memory

CALAMITOUS DROUGHT. Special Alberta Legislation
Cattle Dying in Hundreds Transvaal’s Most Terrible Drought in Living Memory

FLOODS – 1936
11 LIVES LOST. DISASTROUS FLOODS. £1,000,000 Damage in N.Z.
FLOODS IN FRANCE Serious Damage Reported Towns Under Water
HUGE DAM BURSTS IN JAPAN. Six Villages Swept Away […owing to heavy rain…]
FLOODS IN RUMANIA. Coffins Swept Through Streets. BUCHAREST


MANY DEAD Cyclone in New Zealand SHIPS BUFFETED Extensive Damage to Property
Over 300 Killed in Cyclone [S. Korea]
FIJI HURRICANE. WORST IN HISTORY. 240 Deaths [..worst hurricane and floods ever..]
DISASTROUS HURRICANE. 300 Dead; 7,000 Homeless. Birmingham, Alabama
GALES SWEEP EUROPE 30 Killed: Long Trail Of Wreckage

IS OUR CLIMATE CHANGING? Climatic Change Brought About by Dam. [W. USA]
IS THE EARTH DRYING UP? World’s Deserts On The Earth