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Tips Memilih Situs Judi Bola Resmi Bagi Penjudi Pemula

Buat kamu yang masih pemula dalam game judi online, menang taruhan tentu akan jadi hal yang menyulitkan. Karena di dalam setiap permainan judi, kemenangan adalah tujuan akhir yang harus dicapai. Tapi, terlepas dari itu, disini saya ingin mengatakan jika game judi online dalam bentuk apapun sudah memberikan kamu keuntungan, tak hanya soal uang tapi hiburan […]

Alasan Bermain Bandarqq Online Terbaik

Alasan Bermain bandarqq Online Terbaik! Seandainya Anda yakni salah satu pemain judi poker yang masih mencoba untuk mempertimbangkan apakah Anda sepatutnya bermain game bandarqq atau tak, maka kami akan memberi Anda sebagian alasan kenapa Anda sepatutnya bermain permainan ini secara online. Permainan bandarqq telah banyak berkembang dalam sebagian tahun terakhir. Alih-alih mengunjungi kasino, orang-orang hari […]

We Aint No Fortunate Sons

Update: Der Spiegel (English version) has a report on the US elections. This news magazine, which believes in the junk science of manmade global warming and the sustainability of socialism, now says: German editorialists digested the news on Thursday and warned that both Republicans and Democrats were right to feel uneasy. In the elitist established medía […]

Skepticism In The Crowded Theater, Is It Next?

The array of strategies the green-outside, red-brown-inside activists keep plotting never ceases to amaze me. The latest comments come from Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer in an interview with George Stephanopoulus, and provide a window to another page of the enviro-Mein-Kampf playbook. In the interview, Stephanopoulos asks Breyer, on burning the Koran, if the First Amendment ought to be […]

“La Niña Intensifies” – Forecasters Revise Projections; La Niña Will Be Deeper Than First Expected.

The Australian Bureau of Meterorology has just released its latest ENSO Report. It starts out with: The La Niña event in the Pacific Ocean has strengthened further over the past two weeks. All computer models surveyed by the Bureau predict the La Niña will last through the southern hemisphere spring, with the majority indicating the […]

Svensmark’s Cloud Theory May In Fact Cause Warming, Taunts German Scientist

I’ve gotten into a bit of a squabble at Georg Hoffmann’s blog concerning Henrik Svensmark’s cosmic ray cloud-seeding hypothesis. Hoffmann cites two recent papers that investigate Forbush decreases and their impacts on clouds, and thus climate. The two papers reach different conclusions. The first paper is by Calogovic et al. (Jürg Beers Gruppe) in GRL, which analyses […]

Gore’s “Unprecedented And Irreversible” Decline

Last week, I think it was, I remember reading something about Al Gore’s The Climate Project having slumped to an all-time low with the number of Climate Crisis presentations delivered. The French sceptic climate website Changement Climatique has compiled a graphic showing the number of presentations given each month. I’ve posted it below. Using complex Mannian statistical techniques, […]

America’s “10,000-Metric-Tonne Children”

On the surface, looking at warmist blogs and sites can be quite entertaining at times. But reading more closely between the lines, the entertainment always seems to turn into a surreal horror story.For the most rabid among the environmentalists, who strangely never seem to run out of funding, saving the planet means having to deny others life. […]

A New Little Ice Age Is Called Off By FOCUS Magazine

A New Little Ice Age Is Called Off By FOCUS Magazine

The last two years of minimal solar activity did not prevent the earth from warming, and thus shows that the theory that the recent abnormally low solar activity could lead to a little ice age is false, so writes German FOCUS magazine. Online FOCUS magazine  here reports on how solar activity has awoken, and thus the prospects […]

Joe Bastardi: “Future Shock…Brutal Winters Ahead from 2013 On…Now Into A Major La Nina”

That’s what Joe says in his latest video. The PDO is now going into its cold phase and the current La Nina is going to be a bear – and quite possibly a polar bear at that. The Pacific, the primary global climate driver, has been in its warm cycle since the late 1970s, and […]

Arctic Melt Season Bottoms Out - Recovery Is In The Forecast

Arctic Melt Season Bottoms Out – Recovery Is In The Forecast

The Arctic had a steep last spurt of melt over the last week, sending the ice area below 5 million sq. km. That puts 2010 as the third lowest ice extent, or the 2nd highest in the last four years, spin it the way you want. But the melt is now pretty much over, and […]

Another Senseless, Useless Thing That Has Got To Stop!

Many people In Europe are now installing ground surface lights in their gardens to add a little flair to their evening patio parties. But now one German blog called Frischer Wind  (fresh wind) is a bit upset about it, calling such lights senseless and useless. After all, all they do is throw light up into […]

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