A Reader Rejects The Old Consensus On Medical Science, And Immediately Finds Vastly Improved Health

My father used to say that medical doctors were really gangsters in white coats. I used to think he was just being cynical, and so I pretty much dismissed it. Well it turns out his attitude allowed him to live beyond 90, and today I realize he was right all along.

What follows below is a reader comment by MJSnyder that really made my day. A couple of days ago I posted here on the consensus-led disaster of the lipid hypothesis. One reader got all upset about it and attempted to discredit the doctor whom I was citing with the aim of discrediting the science.

Of course one doctor doesn’t make science. But over the past years an entire chorus of doctors have emerged, and they are sharply criticizing the at times fraudulent science underpinning the lipid hypothesis. Even the government, having seen tens of millions of diabetics over the recent decades, has finally begun accepting the new results that fat and cholesterol are not killers after all and that they are actually healthy. Longstanding dietary guidelines are being amended.

I’ve switched to a high-fat, low-carb diet with vegetables and have seen amazing results when it comes to weight and examination test results. No more medicines for me. Of course this really bothers evil Big Pharma. But I’m not the only one who has seen success…

Here’s what one reader sent:

Pierre – Last year you had a posting on your life-style changes that intrigued me, so I followed the links, that lead to more links, that lead…..
I became convinced that the low carb diet was the way to go. So I switched to high fat, low carb. I’m now down 43 lbs, my blood pressure has normalized (now 5 pills less per day), my type II diabetes is controlled (7 pills less). I’ve also dropped Lipitor (cholesterol statin) and no longer have excruciating leg cramps.
My original goal was a loss of 80 lbs, but this has been so easy to attain that I’m thinking of extending it to 100 lbs.
I’m feeling so good about myself again that I’m seriously planning another cross-continent bicycle tour. That would the 3rd. I’m 71 years now.
Thank you Pierre – I’m very grateful for you sharing your personal experiences.

I’m convinced that the Climate Science industry and the Pharmacological industry are fraternal twins.

What’s incredible is that the cure is so simple and only involves nutrition adjustments – nothing more. Tens of millions have the opportunity to get better soon, in less than a year!

I’ve posted a couple of times on nutrition, and I think the reader means this post: https://notrickszone.com/2014/05/10/the-greatest-nutritional-and-pharmaceutical-swindle-of-all-time…

Or perhaps here: https://notrickszone.com/-how-consensus-science-may-have-almost-killed-andrew-revkin/

20 responses to “A Reader Rejects The Old Consensus On Medical Science, And Immediately Finds Vastly Improved Health”

  1. Moose

    I agree fully. As I have mentioned before here, I went low carb high fat about a year a ago and my bloodwork has improved. I did this because my doctor was trying to get me to go to statins if things did not improve.
    As I have seen the effect of that poison with my mother I refused any medication, and here I am.
    I did loose some weight but I as was not overweight that was not my main goal. Just better health. I am feeling great, have tons of energy and food tastes sooo much better without all the carbs and sugar.

    1. DirkH

      “food tastes sooo much better without all the carbs and sugar.”

      I currently eat once a week in a big canteen, which basically has a good Chef and a very good vegetable buffet with lots of variety. So instead of taking lots of potatoes and rice I can have that to my meat.

      BUT, they are very proud of their low fat kitchen! They don’t even offer olive oil to the salat! Wonderful food, but tastes like crap due to lack of fat/oil…

      Well now I’m having a small bottle of oil with me when I go there (a some Turmeric, which dissolves greatly in oil), and I’m happy as a clam.

  2. Loodt Pretorius

    Doctors, like bankers, have lost their moral compass and are just in it for the money. They will sing to the tune of the piper that pays them the most.

    Having turned down satins 15 years ago, one course was enough to make up my mind that this stuff was actually making me feel worse, and never switching to margarine because I hate the taste of it, I am looking for butcher that will sell me steaks without all the fat cut off.

  3. Mervyn

    I don’t listen to any medical advice about what is good and what isn’t good for you because I have always suspected these ‘scientist’ come up with desired results for ulterior motives … fame and fortune.

    All the lies about saturated fats. Yet look at the people with diets traditionally rich in saturated fats … the Inuit; the Masai; etc. They show no symptoms of ill health. Tropical islanders and coconut oil (which is 90+% saturated fat … healthy healthy healthy. And what about babies and mother’s milk which is 60+% saturated fats. Healthy healthy healthy.

    Saturated fats protect the bodily organs in many ways from the brain to the lungs. Also, they don’t make the stomach feel hungry so often. Yet the US Congress allowed itself to get conned in the the 1960s, moving everyone from a high fat low carbohydrate diet to a low fat high carbohydrate diet. And since then look at all the health problems that have sky rocketed … obesity; dementia; asthma; etc etc etc the list is long.

  4. Bob Johnston

    No offense to doctors who I’m certain want to do what’s best for their patients but they are simply cogs in the machine that exists to get as many people on drug regimens that will last their lifetimes.

    Our governments promote a diet that causes chronic inflammation and disease, the food companies sell crummy foods that fall in line with the government guidelines, doctors push the same crummy diets and push drugs thinking they’re doing good, pharmaceutical companies and hospitals clean up by selling drugs and procedures that don’t have a prayer of solving the problem and will most likely cause side effects that will require more treatment.

    Wake up, people. You’re being used.

  5. MJSnyder

    Pierre – I’m honored that you chose to highlite my response. The link I followed was the top one listed above. At the risk of being redundant I will list several doctors/researchers who are immersed in this field:
    Dr. Peter Attia – Canadian (?) researcher
    Dr. David Diamond – US professor
    Dr. Robert Lustig – US professor (sugar and kids)
    Gary Taubes – Science investigative journalist
    Dr. Jason Fung – Canadian
    Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt -Swedish
    Dr. Stephen Phinney – US researcher
    Dr. Tim Noakes – South African
    Dr. Jeff Volek – US researcher
    Dr. Mary Vernon – US obesity specialist
    Dr. Eric Westman – US researcher

    All of these fine people have youtube videos available – some of them have series presentations. A good place to start is:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v-c8GeT34 .

    Once you start digging there is a plethora of material available. This isn’t just a lunatic fringe; these are highly respected accomplished investigators….like us, they are skeptical of consensus science.

  6. MJSnyder

    (My second attempted response – the first seems to have been absorbed by The Cloud – too much albedo I guess)

    Pierre: I’m honored that you highlited my response. Your top link given above was the one I followed.
    At the risk of considerable redundancy I offer a list of researchers that have scratched my itch to understand:
    Dr. David Diamond – US professor
    Dr. Peter Attia – Canadian (?) researcher
    Dr. Robert Lustig – US professor (sugar and kids)
    Gary Taubes – investigative science journalist
    Dr. Jason Fung – Canadian diabetes and liver specialist
    Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt – Swedish diet specialist
    Dr. Stephen Phinney – US researcher
    Dr. Tim Noakes – S. African professor
    Dr. Jeff Volek – US researcher
    Dr. Mary Vernon – US obesity specialist
    Dr. Eric Westman – US researcher
    All of these have multiple videos available – some can be easily understood by laymen, and others are quite challenging.
    Just go to YouTube and search for any of the above. I hope this will open whole new vistas for many people.

  7. Bob Johnston

    The curious thing to me about talking about a low carb diet are the number of CAGW skeptics who actually tell me they think nutritional science is settled and w/o conflicts of interest. I seriously don’t get how people who have no problems examining the data that drives climate science and see that it’s hogwash won’t even cast a skeptical eye at the food they put in their mouths or the drug regimens their doctors tell them they must do.

    Recently Willis Eschenbach (love that guy) posted about how he performed well while doing a stress test and then several weeks later had a heart attack. If I remember correctly when he questioned his doctor why had he passed the stress test if his condition was so bad his doctor told him that “sometimes these things develop quickly”. I almost beat my head against the wall. Heart disease takes years and years to develop, the reason the stress test didn’t pick it up was because they’re ineffective but I’ll bet that doctor will go to his grave thinking that stress tests are great and the advice he’s given out through the years has been beneficial for his patients.

  8. patrick healy

    Pierre and MJSnyder above,
    All very interesting stuff. About 10 years ago (when I was 63), my doctor told me I was doomed due to high blood pressure etc.
    I was lucky enough to be shown a wonderful life saving book called Protein Power by Drs Michael and Mary Dan Eades.
    Ever since this has been my life guide.
    Look it up at http://www.eatprotein.com and add it to your list.
    I too am a Mann Made Global Warming agnostic.

  9. Gentle Tramp

    Hi Pierre,

    thanks for your interesting informations about nutrition.

    Could you recommend a good practical link with some detailed examples of what kind of food to eat daily for a Low Carb diet. It’s not so easy to change personal habits…

    Thank you and best regards!

    1. DirkH

      Start day carb free with eggs, bacon, or cheese to the coffee, just leave out the bread. I like to add salad leaves with lemon juice if I have them, as filler and for Vitamin K (helps the body fix bleedings, essential! Salad, or any other leafy vegetable has it.)

      For lunch, take the meat but leave out most of the potatoes, rice, pasta. and replace with less starchy stuff, like tomatoes, cucumbers, paprica, beans, peas (you’ll need some pulses for your cell membrane repair, lentils and beans are best).

      Add liberal doses of olive oil (extra vergine), linseed oil and dark sesame oil, wherever it fits, and add turmeric to the oil (prevents colon cancer). Curry masalas are based on turmeric, but if you don’t like the curry taste, use pure turmeric, it has a very fine taste and does not supplant other tastes.

      Adding butter or good oils to vegetables amplifies taste and satisfaction. Use almonds or hazelnuts or walnuts if you need something to snack on during the day. You’ll find that you will not eat many of them.

      The trick is to eat REAL food, it is so satisfying that you do not need as big volumes as you needed of the fake food. It is more expensive per gram but you will eat less grams of it.

      1. Gentle Tramp

        Hi Dirk,

        many thanks for your pointers too!

        I will try them…

        Best regards!

        PS: What about dietary fibers. Don’t you miss them without whole grain carbs?

    2. DirkH

      Well my comment with a list of things is still in the spam filter, but one addendum: curd cheese (or Quark, in German) with 40% fat in the dry mass, with a few berries! Curd cheese contains naturally occuring Sodium glutatamate and can be used to amplify all kinds of tastes (and is therefore an often used ingredient in pastries and other dishes).

  10. M E Wood

    From an occasional reader.
    I have had trouble with fibromyalgia and food sensitivities for years so I follow what they call a FODMAPS diet (search for this on Medical sites) and never eat carbohydrates or many kinds of sugars. Fats seem to suit me , too. They may provide energy in the absence of the grains and potatoes of various kinds. Carrots and swedes ( a kind of turnip) can substitute for potatoes . My blood pressure is that of a teenager though I’m of advanced years. I hope this can be of use

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