Billionaire Environmentalist Coral-Reef Destruction Yacht Club Allegedly Has A New Member: Microsoft’s Paul Allen!

It’s annoying enough watching green-preaching, limousine liberals go public and demand ordinary people scale back their lives to protect the environment and climate, and then scoot away on a private jet – or mega-yacht. For example, see here, herehere, here, here and here.


Mega-yachts at the port of Porto Cervo, Sardinia. Photo credit: Heinz-Josef Lücking; CC BY-SA 3.0 de

But what is really infuriating is seeing billionaires recklessly and senselessly rip up and destroy coral reef as they indulge in the forbidden profligacy. Coral reefs, after all, are said to be crucial for the very survival of the world’s ecosystem – or something like that.

Democrat Jeff Greene

Back in 2010, while reporting on John Kerry’s environmental hypocrisy, NTZ mentioned how billionaire Democrat Jeff Greene’s three-story, 145-foot luxury yacht, Summerwind, maneuvered above the famous barrier reef along the coast of Belize and dropped anchor, causing irreparable damage. Despite all the (little people) witnesses, Greene denies the incident. Read about it here as well.

The reports that Greene’s Summerwind had a fuel consumption of 50 gallons an hour, adding:

Greene bought Summerwind in 2003, registering it in the Marshall Islands, a well-known tax haven. The yacht has traveled across the world, hosting Greene, family members and celebrities including Lindsay Lohan.

Now, just days ago, Reuters here reports that Greene may be not alone in the suspected, ultra-exclusive billionaire mega-yachting coral reef destruction club. Hat-tip DirkH.

Paul Allen’s yacht alleged rips up 14,000 sq. ft.

Allegedly joining Greene is billionaire Microsoft Corp co-founder Paul Allen, whose “massive luxury yacht…destroyed most of a protected coral reef during a visit to the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean earlier this month”.

And why on earth was the yacht on its way to the Cayman Islands? Gee, what a mystery. That aside, Reuters reports on the yacht belonging to the environmentally active Allen:

An anchor chain from the vessel damaged nearly 14,000 square feet (1,300 square meters), or about 80 percent, of reef near two scuba diving sites in the West Bay”.

According to the report, Allen’s yacht is a 300+ foot 5-deck unit, with helicopter pads for ferrying passengers and guests.

Environmental cheapskates

You’d think the deep-pocketed billionaires would feel a bit beat up about the damage and simply pay out the pocket-change dimensioned fines and be done with it. But Reuters writes that the billionaires are also environmental cheapskates: “…the Cayman government has been unable to collect fines after a number of similar incidents over the last few years.”


19 responses to “Billionaire Environmentalist Coral-Reef Destruction Yacht Club Allegedly Has A New Member: Microsoft’s Paul Allen!”

  1. DirkH

    They even skip the fine! Hahaha! Seems you don’t get to the top unless you’re a pathological cheapskate! And the little warmunists look up to these beacons of environmentalism and believe every word they utter! Wonderful!

  2. DirkH

    There is a wonderful predictability about warmunists: They must connect everything bad to Global Warming to keep their religion in the media.
    Enter Rockefeller Foundation funded Bill McKibben, who connects microcephaly caused by Zika seamlessly to “our dystopian climate future”
    (even though climate in Brazil wasn’t that hostile to mosquitoes before warmunism, but what does he care. Also, in 2015 GM mosquitoes started to get released in the exact area where now the microcephaly cases are concentrated.
    with the official purpose of fighting Dengue fever.)

    1. David Appell

      Is “warmunism” supposed to be an insult?

      Can’t one accept the science without being a communist?

      I know lots of people who accept the science but aren’t communists, including myself.

      So what is the point of your name calling? Solving climate change is about stopping the socialism going towards fossil fuel producers, who privatize profits and socialize the costs of their waste….

  3. oeman50

    Oops, Pierre. The headline says, “tim Allen” and the article refers to “Paul Allen.” Paul is the Microsoft guy, Tim is an actor.

  4. Steve C

    “… the Cayman government has been unable to collect fines after a number of similar incidents …”

    Well, perhaps if they charged a sensible rate of tax like most other countries, they wouldn’t be quite such a magnet for the über-rich crowd with their great reef-destroying boats, and the reefs would be that much safer as a result. Too obvious, I guess.

    1. old44

      If Tim Allen owned that yacht it would have 200,000 HP engines.
      More power.

  5. Mick J

    That is his runabout.

    “is a true luxury vessel, complete with multiple helicopter pads, a basketball court, a swimming pool, and a movie theater. It’s staffed by 35 crew members. (Allen also owns a second, larger yacht, the 414-foot “Octopus”, which has a permanent staff of 60.)”

    1. DirkH

      “(Allen also owns a second, larger yacht, ”

      Ah! I *KNEW* he has an entire swarm!
      World record breaking hypocrits are not satisfied with one.

  6. Joe Chang

    I seem to recall that the yacht set anchor where the harbor master said to set anchor, in which case it is their responsibility, not the captain of the yacht or the owner?

  7. sod

    this must be the worst thing that happened to the environment, since somebody spiller a can of pepsi some weeks ago.

    Sorry, but i am not a fan of yachting, but is this really worth reporting?

    1. Bob in Castlemaine

      Maybe so Mr/Ms Sod but what do you think would happen had the “pepsi spiller” been say Exxon Mobil? I doubt we’d ever hear the end of it.

    2. DirkH

      sod 30. January 2016 at 7:55 PM | Permalink | Reply
      “Sorry, but i am not a fan of yachting, but is this really worth reporting?”

      As it is an astonishing amount of hypocrisy by Allen, maybe world record hypocrisy, yes. Record breaking hypocrisy is noteworthy.

  8. Hasbeen

    So this dreadful bloke broke up a bit of coral 140 Ft by 100Ft, big deal.

    During a cyclone on the Oz Great Barrier Reef, areas of 250 miles by 15 miles are often broken up just as much, or more than any anchor chain will do.

    I wonder who the government should fine for that.

    Nit picking is not the way to overcome the global warming scam, it just looks as small minded as the warmists.

    1. DirkH

      The point is that Allen is a hypocrite. Fearing global warming yet running a 300 feet Yacht is hypocritical.

      But, you ask, isn’t the guy allowed to enjoy his money? Yes of course he is. He could acquire a huge piece of land and plant Redwood Trees and enjoy how they grow and sequester carbon if he likes big things so much.

  9. John F. Hultquist

    … spilled a can of Pepsi … [pH ~2.5]

    …, thereby destroying all coral in all the oceans.

  10. M E

    If it is true ,and the harbour master is at fault, the reporter would seem to reporting it because it is an outspoken Environmentalist who caused the damage. That it was a luxurious yacht is only emphasised in to the report to make people envious. But I think the captain of the yacht would be held responsible for the position of the anchor chain and should have known better.

    1. Mindert Eiting

      Of course, the reporter did it for the mentioned reason. No reporter in Amsterdam would publish that John or Harry paid a visit to the whores in the red light district. But he would when that John or Harry were an Alderman who promised the public to do something about prostitution. It happened and it became the end of his career. In the same way some fundamentalist vicars had to confess that their drive for fun was stronger than their faith. An environmentalist in a capital yacht may suggest someone whose faith is pretty weak.

  11. Billionaire Environmentalist Coral-Reef Destruction Yacht Club Allegedly Has A New Member: Microsoft’s Tim Allen! – sentinelblog

    […] No Tricks Zone, by P […]

  12. David Appell

    Where has Paul Allen preached green?

    I’d seriously like to know — he’s big here in the Pacific Northwest.

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