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Upper STRATOSPHERE Over Arctic Sees Record High March Temperature. Europe Facing “Intensified March Winter”!

Recall how man-made CO2 emissions are supposed to cause a greenhouse effect in the troposphere, meaning the stratosphere above it is supposed to cool. Lately, that has not been the case at all – at least over the northern hemisphere, 65°N and above, over the better part of the last year. Schneefan here writes on […]

Sex And Drugs And Blood N’ Soil …Top German Green Party Official Busted For Crystal Meth Possession!

Leading German Green Party official Volker Beck has resigned from “several of his posts” amid charges of illegally possessing the drug crystal meth. Berlin authorities allegedly caught the high-profile politician early this month. He has not yet resigned from his post as a parliamentary member of the Bundestag. German online weekly FOCUS reports today that Beck told police […]

“Energiewende” Shattering German Power Sector: Europe’s Largest Power Company, E.on, Loses Whopping 10.2 Billion Euros!

E.on, Europe’s largest power company, lost almost 7 billion euros last year (2015). A year earlier it lost 3.2 billion euros. The German power giant was hit not only by low prices on the electricity exchanges, but the losses were also due to significant “impairment charges” as the company writes down the value of its conventional […]

Rapidly Ballooning Body Of Doubt …Over 500 Papers From Past 2 Years Cast Shadow Over “Consensus” Climate Science!

Reader Kenneth Richards has been very busy. Not long ago he supplied a list of 250 papers published in 2015 casting doubt on the consensus climate science, read here. Many of them confirm that natural factors are the main drivers of climate change. Shortly after that he supplied a list of 50 similar papers appearing […]

German Mainstream Parties In Collapse, Take Huge Blow In Municipal Elections…. Face Election Debacle In Baden Württemberg!

Germans often express dismay at the fact that American public is making Donald Trump a front runner. I’m often asked: “How can Americans be so stupid?” To answer that, lately I’ve been telling them to just look right at home in Germany. When elected officials don’t take the public seriously, then political heads roll. Welcome […]

Shameful Celebrities ...Preach Low-Energy Lifestyles But In Fact Have Monster CO2 Emissions!

Shameful Celebrities …Preach Low-Energy Lifestyles But In Fact Have Monster CO2 Emissions!

Imagine a Catholic priest who preaches us Catholic doctrine, but then after Sunday services visits bordellos, gets hammered, commits murder, rapes, molests children, beats women, steals, attends KKK gatherings, etc. over the rest of the week – and does that week after week, year after year. Of course it wouldn’t be long before his flock lost […]

The MISSING COLD ...Scripps Institute Now Projects Major, Powerful La Niña To Surface Late This Year

The MISSING COLD …Scripps Institute Now Projects Major, Powerful La Niña To Surface Late This Year

Yesterday I posted on how weather models have been forecasting a bitter cold mid March for much of Europe. This has now been confirmed by Joe Bastardi at his latest Saturday Summary here beginning at about 3 minutes into the report. Not only does the GFS show bitter cold for mid March taking hold across […]

Moscow Sees Heaviest March Snowfall in 50 Years …Bitter Winter Ahead For Europe In March 2016? … -29°C ?

UPDATE: Joe Bastardi also weighs in on March forecast weather here. Schneefan at the German skeptic site here looks at March weather this year in Europe. Although Europeans have seen a warm winter, the meteorological spring has started out on the bitter cold side and forecasts are showing it could get much worse. In […]

German Medical Doctors Warn Hazards Of Wind Turbine Infrasound Are Very Real, Worse Than First Thought!

Dr. med Johannes Mayer made a presentation on the serious hazards of infrasound (1 – 20 Hz) from wind turbines saying: “It is unbelievable the flood of international scientific publications that has appeared over the last one and half years.” In the presentation Mayer cites “120 scientific papers” confirming the hazardous impacts of infrasound on human […]

German Expert: Wind Turbine Infrasound Travels 25 KM…Warns Of Health Hazards…Advises Minimum 5000 Meter Distance!

Professional engineer Bernd Töpperwien made a presentation (in German) on infrasound and its impacts on human health, specifically addressing the impacts of a wind park proposed to be built in the region he resides. Though low-frequency infrasound (<20 Hz) is not audible to the human ear, the pressure variations are felt by the inner ear, […]

60-Tonne Wind Turbine Rotor Crashes To Earth

UPDATE 03/03/2016:  WordPress issues now seem to be resolved. 🙂 ================================== The online SVZ here reported yesterday on a wind-turbine construction accident occurring in Southern Germany. Workers of the Hamburg-based Nordex company were operating a large hoisting crane by remote control as it lifted the 60-tonne wind turbine rotor assembly for mounting onto the 200-meter […]