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Growing German Dissent On Climate Science

Slowly, but surely, more and more people in Germany are speaking up against the hoax that is man-made global warming. Websites and blogs are sprouting and scepticism is spreading. The old, established narrative is now being seriously challenged. The latest example is a piece written by Ronald Gläser in the online news and commentary magazine called eigentümlich […]

Cold Weather Silences The Climate Media

A couple a days ago I reported on how the German media has hardly been reporting on global warming. Read here. That should be no surprise because it’s been cold in Germany over the last 3 months, and so reporting on warming planet would only draw chuckles from the public. After all, August was cool […]

Marine memorial in Laboe

Light Blogging

My wife and I are spending a few days at the Baltic Sea near Kiel, and so blogging will be a little on the light side. I wanted to do some deepsea fishing yesterday, but the boats didn’t go out – not enough customers. They plan to go out tomorrow. Hopefully I can land that […]

Public interest in climate protection continues to drop in Germany

Public Interest In Climate Protection Wanes (Again!) in Germany – Rahmstorf Whines

Despite all the media über-hype about this year’s “weather extremes”, which are normal to begin with, and the upcoming Cancun Conference, the German index of public interest on climate protection fell yet again during the 3rd quarter of 2010, from 56 to 55, according to the co2online GmbH, a program set up by the German Ministry […]

Race Against The Climate Apocalypse – Just In Time For Christmas

If you don’t know what to buy the kids for Christmas, then here’s just the thing: computer game The New Beginning. It’s the latest from Daedalic Entertainment, from German game producer, see trailer (Sorry, only in German). It’s the latest for teaching German kids the end of the world is coming, unless…! It’s the year 2500 and what’s left […]

Wind-Park Proponents Advocate Suspending Democracy

Over at Sweden’s sceptic The Climate Scam, Jonny Fagerström writes how pro-wind-park organisation Swedish Wind Energy is lobbying to abolish the municipal veto in order to bypass public refusal of windparks. The public, whose landscape would be ruined, should not be allowed to have a say on whether or not a wind-park is to be installed […]

Physicist Georg Hoffmann – Symbol Of Science Hubris and Intolerance. Germany’s Academic Disgrace

Here’s an example of what dissenting opinions have to face here in what was once called the land of poets and thinkers. (In climate science Germany is more the land of dogmatists and intolerants, unfortunately. But as I’ve said, that’s slowly changing). Yesterday I posted a piece “Climate Science” Now Questioned At German Universities about Professor […]

Ketahui Agen sbobet Indonesia Sebelum Mengawali Bermain

Ketahui Agen sbobet Indonesia Sebelum Mengawali Bermain! Lepas dari fakta jika perjudian bukan praktik yang baik di banyak negara. Tapi orang lebih tertarik kepadanya serta bermain game kasino untuk coba peruntungan mereka. Beberapa waktu waktu lalu, cukup susah buat orang untuk bertaruh. Mereka harus menanti berlibur serta pesan pesawat terbang ke tempat favorite mereka untuk […]

Climate Change Now Questioned At German Universities – Professors Speaking Up

The AGW religion in Germany is in deep trouble. Consensus is crumbling. the science is coming under attack. It’s taken a awhile, but slowly and surely, Germany, once the premier power in science, is beginning to ask questions again. When lectures and seminars questioning climate science take place within academic circles and at German universities, […]

Winter forecast 2010/2011

Warning! Winters Comparable With The Harsh 1939-42 Winters, “Horrendous Conditions”

Extremist climatologists, with their wild global warming related doomsday predictions made earlier, are beginning to look more and more silly with every passing winter. Remember when the once reputable CRU claimed that wintertime snow would be rare and exciting? Well, since that assertion was made, snows have been coming already at mid-autumn more frequently it seems, […]

Pacific Legal Foundation Challenges EPA Endangerment Ruling

Pacific Legal Foundation Challenges EPA Endangerment Ruling

The online Manure Manager Magazine (essential literature when debunking anthropogenic global warming science) reports here that the Pacific Legal Foundation has filed a lawsuit challenging the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s greenhouse gas “endangerment” finding under the Clean Air Act because the agency did not submit the proposed finding to independent scrutiny by its Scientific Advisory […]

Democrat Joe Manchin Says He’ll Put Cap & Trade Out Of Its Misery

Maybe tough talk has to do with surviving the coming midterm elections in the USA. When I watched the video posted here at the Guardian, I thought at first for sure Gov. Joe Manchin was some sort hard-right republican. But no, he”s a West Virginian Democrat running for the Senate and now he’s acting like […]

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