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Cooling Planet – Europe Was 10°C Warmer 14 Million Years Ago

German scientists have made a spectacular find. Near the Bavarian city of Augsburg they found a 14-million year old fossil of a python. What’s interesting is that pythons like very warm, tropical weather, and not the cool, crappy stuff Germany has to offer. That means Germany (Central Europe) had to have been a balmy place 15 million years ago. In […]

New Tree Ring Study Shows Little Ice Age And Medieval Warm Period Were Global

A new paper here on the Jorge Montt Glacier at the Chilean Patagonia is out in Climate of the Past journal. What’s interesting is that this glacier is located in Chile – in South America, far away from the North Atlantic region. A team of scientists studied tree rings from old trees recently exposed by the retreating […]

Mild Winters & Low Heating Bills Are A Thing Of The Past - "Rare And Exciting" In The Future

Mild Winters & Low Heating Bills Are A Thing Of The Past – “Rare And Exciting” In The Future

At least in Germany,  that is if the current string of harsh winters doesn’t stop. And according to Dr Karsten Brandt’s latest winter forecast for 2011/12 at, this coming winter is projected to be yet another harsh one. No let-up in sight. That would make it Germany’s 4th consecutive harsh winter in a row. Brandt […]

Global Warming Now Leads To More Fruit Destruction – By Frost!

I wonder if at times these people realize just how asinine they make themselves appear. Here’s another “glittering jewel of colossal science ignorance” at the German online Frankfurter Neue Presse. It is titled: Experiments Show Hesse’s Climate in the Future. Hesse (in German: Hessen) is a state in Central Germany, which puts it in the middle […]

Global Warming Brings An Avalanche Of Bitter Cold Winter Forecasts

The Winnepeg Free Press here and Yahoo report here that Western Canada needs to brace for a brutal winter. Hat tip reader Matti Vooro. The Yahoo News blog writes: Meteorologists are calling for an early and cold winter in Western Canada, probably one of the top three coldest in the last 20 years for the West […]

German FAZ: Schellnhuber’s WBGU Has Strange Ideas When It Comes To Democracy – Compares Proposed Great Transformation To Bolshevik Revolution

Hans Schellnhuber and WGBU want to revolutionize society in 2 decades. Source: Awhile back Hans Schellnhuber, director of the ultra-alarmist Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), released his master plan for the Great Transformation of global society – from one fuelled by carbon to a Utopian one powered by fuzzy-warm renewable energy. This he […]

Climate Vatican’s CO2 Emissions Up 2.4% In 2010!

How many billions of euros has the EU spent on renewable energy in order to reduce climate killing CO2 emissions? How many billions have been spent on research, institutes, think tanks, government, NGOs, etc., for the purpose of educating and regulating the public to curb CO2 emissions? How many pages have been written and words spoken preaching that CO2 […]

Less Blogging In The Weeks Ahead

I’ve been entrusted to help out on a very interesting project that will tie up much of my time in the coming weeks. So I’m going to have to cut back on the blogging until the project gets done. I’ll still post from time to time, but much less. Readers are invited to write their […]


Cain opens up a 20-point lead! Let’s hope it stays that way. And the tea-partiers are racists? Go figure.I’m wondering how long it’s going to take before the snobby white European established yellow media get their blood hounds out. I’ll give it about another week. QUOTE OF THE WEEK: CAIN:  Don’t blame Wall Street.  Don’t blame […]

It’s The Dawn Of Life-Saving Coal: 2010 Consumption Jumped 5.2% – Most Since 1979

Dig baby dig! Germany has put the shutdown of all its nuclear reactors on the fast track since the Fukushima accident. Finally, Germany’s Renewable Energy Revolution to rescue the planet from nuclear power and climate-killing CO2 emissions appears set begin in earnest, at least that’s what the climate rescue heroes would like to believe. Unfortunately for the renewable […]

4th International Climate And Energy Conference, Munich Germany - Register Now

4th International Climate And Energy Conference, Munich Germany – Register Now

There have been lots of new and exciting developments this year in climate science, mainly the growing evidence that the sun (no surprise here) plays an obvious role in driving climate, as we have recently heard from CERN. This will certainly be one of the major points of focus at this year’s conference. That’s why […]

The Great Wealth Transfermation – Shift To 100% Renewables Would Cost Each German Household Additional $1000 Per Month!

We’ve all heard about Hans Schellnhuber’s masterplan for the Great Transformation of society, from one powered by “climate killing” fossil fuel energies to one powered by gentle, earth-healing renewable energies. Well, it turns out that the Great Transformation would likely end up being the Great Transfer-mation – of private wealth! The online Die Rheinpfalz here reports […]

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