Heartland Institute Sends Waves Of Panic Through The Warmist Movement In Germany

UPDATE 1: Heartland reply: Heartland.org/reply-to-critics

UPDATE 2: Hat-tip Judy, Energytribune.com/desmog-debunked

UPDATE 3: Heartland.org/reply-to-critics
“The DesmogBlog web site was created by John Lefebvre, who pleaded guilty to federal money-laundering charges.”

Few US organizations are feared and hated in Germany like the Heartland Institute is today. It’s probably number 2 on the list behind Marc Morano/CFACT.

Welcome to Germany, Joe. They’ve already let the blood hounds loose.

The Heartland Institute is supporting this weekend’s skeptic climate conference in Munich, being held by the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) and is thus playing a role in urging the German public to take a closer look at the global warming science and the data underpinning it.

This, for the German climate hysteria movement, is intolerable. Heartland’s success at exposing the bad science behind global warming must not be repeated here in Germany…which is the holy alter of the climate catastrophe movement. It is the last real bastion.

Heartland must expect an extremely hostile welcome.

Already the warmists have mobilized and launched a campaign to tar and feather the public image of the Heartland Institute.

The latest attack piece is one by Kevin Grandia of desmogblog and it appears at the fundamentalist warmist site klimaretter.de (climate rescuer) here in German. One of the contributors at “climate rescuer” is, by the way, Toralf Staud, who happens to be a journalist at the fundamentalist green Die Zeit weekly. Stefan Rahmstorf also donates to klimaretter.

In the latest klimaretter piece, Grandia writes that “the Heartland Institute normally spreads its mischief in the USA” but there it has been discredited. “Now the notorious institute is trying to find new friends in Germany. It has found one.” Grandia writes that “at the conference in Munich, a small group of unqualified “experts” gets together to talk about their conspiracy theory that climate change is a “hoax”.

However the fact is that EIKE and the Heartland Institute are only interested in offering an alternative view of climate science, and to get answers to open questions. They have openly invited warmist scientists to attend. But instead of accepting and engaging in a dialogue, the warmists have responded with extremely hostile reactions and sharp intolerance. “There’s nothing to discuss. We are right,” they insist.

Grandia’s malicious piece has nothing to do with promoting the development of science and dialogue; rather it has everything to do with trying to marginalize and destroy perceived threats to their movement using Alinsky tactics. They’ve gotten very good at this, we have to admit, but they are still losing more than ever.

Grandia presents an idea to the German readers:

I suspect the group is taking their event overseas where the media is less likely to know the long and sordid details of Heartland’s other efforts to attack conventionally accepted scientific conclusions. Not to mention Heartland’s offensive Unabomber billboard campaign and a long list of other outrageous stunts.
Perhaps the Heartland Institute is banking on the German media’s failure to Google search for evidence of the group’s long history of attacks on science and efforts to confuse the public about climate change and an array or other threats to public health and the planet.”

The objective reader here should ask: Is it really about downplaying threats, or is it about exaggerating them? We haven’t seen warming in 16 years.

Grandia then gives the warmists’ take on the Heartland Institute, describing to readers its “dirty and climate-damaging business fields”, for example Koch Industries and the activities on behalf of Big Tobacco – ten years ago.

He then fast forwards to the present and claims Joseph Bast today is using the same tactics to spread doubt over climate science. He writes:

Bast is banking on the media overseas not knowing what media here in North America knows about Heartland’s shady corporate front group operation. Here, they are an organization completely discredited in the eyes of major media.

So my question now is: Will media in Germany fall for Bast and the Heartland’s latest attacks on reputable science and scientists? Will German media cover this year’s Denial-a-Palooza with a hefty dose of skepticism, or give them a platform to wrecklessly spread more confusion and doubt?

What do you think?

I think you’re scared excrementless. Why are you so trembly-handed over an open discussion?

It’s obvious. Although the skeptics are out-funded (by a factor of at least 100), doubt over climate catastrophism keeps growing and spreading. Why? Could it have something to do with the desolate quality of the warmist science?

Keep in mind that:
1. Temperatures have not risen in 16 years.
2. Hurricanes are near record lows (forget the media hype).
3. Sea levels have decelerated.
4. Antarctic sea ice has expanded over the last 30 years.
5. Over the last 10,000 years it was warmer than today 60% of the time. Etc.

These are the things the many skeptic scientists want to debate. But the warmists only want to hide from the media and public. They prefer to sling mud from the hinterhalt.

The German warmists need to understand that it’s impossible to win this battle. They’ll see soon enough.


Globe Seized By Bitter Cold – Arctic Sees Record Refreeze – UK Faces 100-Year Winter – Snow In New Zealand!

While UN climate scientists warn of an overheating planet and world leaders meet in suuny, warm Doha to hammer out an agreement to curb “global warming”, which hasn’t occurred in 16 years, the Northern Hemisphere and other parts of the world are shivering in extreme cold.

Snow, cold batter Northern Hemisphere.

Coldest UK winter in 100 years possible!

The online UK Telegraph here reports that “councils are gearing up for what could be Britain’s coldest winter in 100 years, as sub-zero temperatures and snow follow days of downpours that have devastated large parts of the country.”

The Telegraph warns that this weekend’s cold and snow could be around for awhile:

The forthcoming cold snap, caused by clear skies and northerly winds, could herald the start of a freezing winter. There are reports that temperatures could fall as low as -20°c in some areas in December and January.”

Cold, snow fly in the face of UN climate models

Cold and snow are forecast to hit Scandinavia and Central Europe as well, which all flies in the face of claims made by climate scientists just a few years ago, whose models predicted snow “would become rare, and a thing of the past.” The online The Local reports that northern Sweden Saturday “will see temperatures dip down to between minus 12 and 20 degrees Celsius”. Moscow forecasts it’s biggest November snowstorm in 50 years (hat/tip: Steven Goddard/).

As Alaska shivers, EPA threatens fines if people don’t stop burning wood!

In addition to Europe, Alaska and Canada have been enduring a long and bitter cold snap. Fairbanks, Alaska “has been experiencing unusually cold November weather with temperatures dropping into the minus-30s overnight”. The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reports that the Fairbanks area air pollution sensors this week have recorded high particulate pollution levels from widespread use of wood and oil-burning stoves. As Alaskans burn wood and coal in a bid to keep warm, the EPA “has ordered the state to clean up Fairbanks air or face financial penalties”.

Record Arctic refreeze!

Meanwhile, the media are dead-cold silent when it comes to the massive Arctic sea ice recovery seen since October 1st – a record of almost 6 million square kilometers have been added. Never has the Arctic refrozen so much, so fast. Some experts are calling the scope of the refreeze “unprecedented” and “dramatic”. Even the other hemisphere as been too cold; Antarctica has seen above average sea ice extent for every month for the past year. The 30-year upward trend shows no sign of abating.

Also New Zealand, where it is now almost summer, is forecast to get snow!

Snow, cold in India and Pakistan

Cold is also reported in India. The Hindu reports here:

The entire tribal belt of Kinnaur, Lahaul-Spiti and Pangi, and Bharmour in Chamba district is reeling under a severe cold wave and may receive rain or snow at isolated locations in the higher reaches in next few hours.

The temperature in Kalpa was 1.4 degrees. It was three degrees in the tourist resorts of Manali and Bhuntar; four degrees in Solan and Sunderngar; five to seven degrees in Chamba, Shimla and Una; eight degrees in Dharamsala and 10 degrees in Nahan.”

With all the cold gripping the globe, clearly hundreds of millions could use a little global warming.


Stefan Rahmstorf’s Sea Level Amnesia – Using His Own Numbers, Sea Level Rise Actually Slowed Down 3%!

Ulli Kulke, veteran journalist at the German flagship daily DIE WELT, posts a comment at his blog on über-alarmist Stefan Rahmstorf’s claim that “sea levels are rising 60% faster” than previously thought in 2007.

Sea levels have decelerated over the last years. Chart source: http://sealevel.colorado.edu/.

Being a devout alarmist, Rahmstorf is obsessed with finding ways to produce spectacular headlines. In Germany scary climate headlines have become a tradition every November, just before every major climate conference. Doha this year is no different.

In his latest claim, Rahmstorf claims that just a few years ago, sea levels were thought to be rising 2 mm/year. Suddenly the sea level, the satellites say, is actually now rising at 3.2 mm/ year – that’s 60% faster then they thought!

But as Kulke points out in his piece titled False climate alarm surrounds an old hat, Rahmstorf is suffering from (selective) amnesia, and forgot what he said in the UN-IPCC report of (2007): Rahmstorf back then:

Satellite measurements show a rise of 3.1 mm/year for the period 1993-2003 – and if you consider the measurements through 2006, it’s even 3.3 mm/year.”

Kulke writes, with a bit of sarcasm:

It was, after all, quite some time ago, and there was so much data in that thick report. Also with sea levels – some numbers were lower and some were higher. But Rahmstorf, the ocean scientist, had been lead author in every climate report. For this reason the data shouldn’t be anything new for him. Back then the report projected an increase of 18 – 59 cm for the coming century.

Alarm, Alarm. Let’s increase the growth of data. Or, to speak like Honecker (leader of former communist regime East Germany): Always higher, never lower! And if it’s not possible to increase the current data, then let’s just reduce the data of the past. Just like some climate scientists also want to reduce the temperature of the hottest year since instrumental measurements began, namely 1998, just so that this decade can once again appear to be on the rise. Or just like Michael Mann tried with his infamous hockey stick – but failed.”

If we take Rahmstorf’s 1993 – 2006 period value of 3.3 mm/year, then we see that sea level rise has actually slowed down by 3%, and not risen 60%. The tricks being used by alarmist climate scientists are becoming ever more obvious and desperate.

You don’t need to be an investigative journalist to uncover that.


International Reaction To Die Zeit’s ‘Climate Godfather Morano’ Piece: “Shoddy, Malicious, Embarrassing Journalism”

Last week German fundamentalist-green (now-confirmed) Die Zeit came out with a comprehensive 3-page broadsheet portrayal of the climate skeptic movement, which, not surprisingly, was unflattering. It’s a perception that the German greens are trying to infuse in it’s readers – the truth as they want to see it, but sadly for them it’s totally remote from reality.

Image source: http://www.eikeklimaenergie.eu/-die-klimakrieger/

What follow are reactions from some leading German skeptics (and others), who kindly provided their comments:

Dr. Sebastian Lüning
Geologist, co-author of “Die kalte Sonne“:

Lüning commented (by e-mail) on Die Zeit‘s claim the book “had been ripped apart by experts” and the 40% CO2 increase:

We’ve debunked the critiques on our blog in the ‘medienecho‘ section and have demonstrated that there was a lot of wishful thinking and bandwagon mentality. CO2 40% up: Well, that might be numerically true, if one takes 280 ppm to 390 ppm. But more important is the real CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, which has gone up by 0.0110% = 110 ppm in real money. Sounds much less dramatic and is therefore not worded in this way.”

(Much more on Lüning‘s and Vahrenholt’s reaction later this week.)

Dr. Hans Labohm (Holland)
Journalist at Der Standaard: (left a reader comment)

As a Dutchman I’ve always thought ‘Die Zeit’ was a quality newspaper. Now I have to correct that impression. The article in question testifies of shoddy if not malicious journalism.

In the Netherlands the relationship between AGW protagonists and antagonists has markedly improved over the last few years. A broad majority of political parties in Parliament, including the Labour Party, has requested the government to include climate sceptics in the scientific debate. They would never have done so if they would have believed the story by Kohlenberg and Blasberg was a truthful reflection of reality.  The dialogue is now going on. One of the most visible manifestations to date is climatedialogue.org, which is run by a mixed group of scientists, including both AGW adherents and climate sceptics. It is sponsored by the government.

It shows that it can be done without polarization. Just follow the rules of sound scientific practice, including an open dialogue.”

Also read Dr. Labohm’s story here.

Prof. Fred Singer (USA)
(No introduction needed) sent by e-mail:

The old, well-worn lie: ‘Singer is in the pay of the oil industry’ – copied, no doubt, from such discredited sources as desmogblog. AGAIN –just for the record  – I am not supported by any energy company – or by any industry for that matter.

My payments from Heartland are book royalties. Heartland has published three of my NIPCC books in the past 4 years. And we expect to do two more books in 2013. BTW, all my book royalties go to SEPP — not to me personally.

The scandalmongers from DIE ZEIT could have gotten all this info from me in the interview. All they had to do was ask me.  Obviously, they were afraid of learning the truth.”

Amazing investigative journalism – they never even bothered to ask Singer about his funding!

Dr. Holger Thuß
President, EIKE (by e-mail):

I find it remarkable that there was no word about the scientific criticism on the hockey stick graph (which was completely discredited to its core by scientific circles). Quotes were taken out of context.

Much paper was wasted chewing and chewing on nonsense put out by climate extremist Wikipedia and bloggers. I find this outrageous.

The subliminal criticism on the anti-communist view of climate skeptics, some of them children of Holocaust survivors, is a slap in the face to victims of dictatorships and an embarrassment for German journalism.”

Note: Fred Singer, for example, actually fled the Nazis.

Michael Limburg
Vice President, EIKE:

It’s obvious that the hot scenarios coming from the computer models have not generated enough panic up to now. Therefore it is necessary in addition to unleash top investigative journalists in order to expose those who oppose the panic-mongering, the so-called “well-paid mercenaries”, and to disarm them.

Regarding the hundreds of millions of dollars that climate deniers supposedly received from evil industry, the authors happened to forget the sources of this funding. In the spirit of ‘good and investigative journalism’ The authors just claim the climate deniers simply received it.

Only blind journalists and those who are unwilling to see the truth are good journalists at Die Zeit. A classic example for Orwellian rhetoric.”

That’s some of the reaction so far to the drive-by smear of climate science skepticism in Germany. More is sure to come.


Split! Chancellor Merkel Stops Listening To Her Chief Climate Advisor – Schellnhuber Publicly Unloads!

When the Chancellor’s chief advisor goes out to the public and tells everybody that the Chancellor is failing, then it can mean only one thing: the Chancellor has stopped listening. Now the advisor (Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber) is teed off and has stooped to back-biting.

Schellnhuber says only a radical transformation can curb the climate catastrophe. Photo source: Creative Commons-Lizenz Namensnennung-Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 3.0 Unported, Foto Hollin (http://www.foto-hollin.de).

It appears the last time Hans left Merkel’s office, the door hit him in the rear. Or she’s just ignoring his climate drivel. Now he’s out in public calling her a failure. Could it be that physicist Merkel smells something fishy in Prof. Creepy-Climate Schellnhuber’s 2-degree fantasy? Hat-tip to Dr. Herrmann Ott here.

The story is reported here in Spiegel: Merkel’s advisor warns of a climate shock. I haven’t bought this week’s printed issue, but the online abstract pretty much says it all:

Just one week before the world climate summit in Qatar, the chief advisor for climate issues to the German government, Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, accuses politics for the failure.”

Spiegel continues:

The target of limiting warming to two degrees by the end of the century can only be achieved by a massive overhaul. […] ‘We’ve said on multiple occasions that we need nothing less than a new industrial revolution.’ […] Schellnhuber is demanding that Merkel to assemble a ‘coalition of the willing’. Unfortunately, the head of the government does not have climate protection as a ‘top priority’.”

Green Parliamentarian Herrmann Ott adds at his ultra-fundamentalist green site:

…in the German debate, even the climate advisor to the German government, Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber, accuses Chancellor Angela Merkel of failure in climate policy and demands climate be given ‘top priority’.”

Merkel needs to get with it, Schellnhuber’s saying. Obviously she hasn’t been listening to him much lately. Gee, I wonder why. After all, she’s only had the financial collapse of Europe to worry about. Like she couldn’t devote more time to a fantasy crisis?


Joe Bastardi: First Time In 74 Years NYC Will See Second Snow Accumulation In November

If snow accumulates tomorrow in NYC, as forecast by Joe Bastardi here, it’ll be already the second time this November. Two snow accumulations in NYC in November last happened back in 1938 – 74 years ago!

Meteorologist Joe Bastardi. Photo source: weatherbell.com/

There’s more about that here.

The more it warms, the more cold and snow we seem to be getting. Global warming has never been more obvious.


Die Zeit Represents Germany’s Hostile Intolerance, Calling Climate Science Skepticism “Fringe Opinions” From “Deniers”

On Friday I wrote about how the print edition of Die Zeit had published a twisted drive-by slander piece on climate skeptics, targeting Marc Morano of Climate Depot, the Heartland Institute, EIKE and Fritz Vahrenholt (photo left).

Unsurprisingly the report’s authors, Kerstin Kohlenberg and Anita Blasberg, have no formal science training; they are sociology majors. That explains one reason why the piece had no focus at all on the science. The other reason is that science just doesn’t support their narrative. No warming in 15 years.

Die Zeit’s lengthy article exposes a perception of the climate debate that is foreign to reality. They seriously believe it is being masterminded by a few evil industrialists and a PR wizard, at least that’s what their readers should believe. Anyone familiar with even the most basic of research quickly sees that there’s a huge growing body of science that has long since cast serious doubt in the field.

The doubt stems from the science, not from bloggers are PR people.

The climate skepticism movement is driven by bloggers and non-mainstream media outlets who base all their reporting on the latest science coming out, and the major flaws found in the old science. All the skeptic blogs out there are not centrally orchestrated by sinister industrialists. We’re funded by millions? Give me a break.

I can’t speak for all blogs, but you can be sure that almost all of them are getting by on a shoestring, operated voluntarily. NoTricksZone, for example, is purely voluntary and receives no donations. A tiny bit of money is earned through ads. It’s a one-man show.

If the blogs received just a small fraction of the funding and media attention the NGOs and environmental organisations get, the debate would end lightning fast. Already just one single major media skeptic report is enough to throw throw the entire warmist movement into chaos for weeks.

Marc Morano doesn’t write the stuff that bloggers report. His Climate Depot is an aggregator of everything the bloggers and skeptic journalists write. Many of the skeptic blogs are run by scientists, engineers, statistics experts and so on who see serious flaws in the data.

Big Oil did not buy 15 years of no warming.

Dirty reporting

Thursday’s Die Zeit piece was not the first of its kind. It’s just a rehash of a warped story they had written 2 years ago. The only difference is that they have since found a couple of new villains: Morano and Vahrenholt. The ultimate target of the Die Zeit piece is to marginalize Vahrenholt here in Germany.

If anything, the Die Zeit piece confirms how the warmists have lost the scientific debate. They have nothing left but to scrape the bottom of the journalism gutter, forced to resort to name-calling, lying and slander. We’ve seen it before. In my view, the piece has Rahmstorf’s fingerprints all over it.

In addition to Morano, Die Zeit’s piece focuses on the European Institute of Climate and Energy (EIKE), who they say “is supported by CFACT, the employer of Marc Morano”. So what?

Die Zeit, having never attended an EIKE climate conference, finds nothing good to write about alternative scientific views and EIKE conferences. They write:

In addition to Singer, someone from the Heartland Institute will speak. A Canadian blogger is going to present her new, critical book on the IPCC. […] On the advisory Council of EIKE sits a journalist, and a forestry scientist. The president is a historian, and the vice president is an electrical engineer, who in his presentations likes to describe the horror scenarios of an eco-dictatorship: no heat, no cars, no factories.”

Die Zeit presents proof that readers should not trust EIKE: “Here you’ll find links to websites like Marc Morano’s, or to klimaskeptiker.info, the ‘forum against disinformation on the greenhouse gas effect and climate protection.'”

Die Zeit’s contempt for skeptics really comes through as you read through the piece. They say the skeptic movement in Germany would be a joke, were it not for Fritz Vahrenholt:

One would just laugh at the German denier scene and view it as harmless, had a political heavyweight not entered the stage recently.”

Here they’re referring to Professor Fritz Vahrenholt who together with Sebastian Lüning authored a bestselling skeptic book Die kalte Sonne, which sent shockwaves through Germany’s alarmist circles. Overnight Vahrenholt had been transformed to Germany’s no. 1 climate science villain. Die Zeit writes:

Vahrenholt does not claim that the climate scientists are fraudsters, but he does suggest that they are all dumber than he is. In truth, the Earth is warming much more slowly than previously believed. He, Vahrenholt, discovered that.”

Here we see just how dirty and misleading Die Zeit can get. Anyone who has read his book can tell you that Die Zeit’s above suggestion is pure rubbish. Nowhere will you find Vahrenholt claiming “he discovered the warming is slowing”.

Die Zeit also takes issue with the rest of the media for even giving the skeptics any coverage, suggesting other views should be ignored:

Every statement made by a climate scientist gets accompanied by a statements from a climate change denier – and so this is how we get way from the answer of what’s right and what’s wrong.”

Die Zeit doesn’t hold back with their use of the word “Leugner” (denier) to describe the skeptics. They hammer Vahrenholt’s credentials, describing how the professor of chemistry had been introduced when giving a speech in Dresden. Die Zeit writes:

On this evening, Vahrenholt is introduced as a scientist, as an expert on climate and environmental policy, as a manager, book author. Not a word is uttered that he represents a fringe opinion, that expert journalists took apart his book calling it a populist work written by an amateur.”

One of the harsh critics was climate scientist Mojib Latif, who later admitted he had never even read the book. And unfortunately, the last scientist who publicly debated Vahrenholt got his clock cleaned.

Overall, Die Zeit’s piece represents the radically hostile environment that scientific skepticism faces in Germany. It’s not the first time they wrongly try to ruin a person’s good reputation.

This level of hostility and intolerance has not been seen since Germany’s last dark period. Any prominent person thinking of outing his/her skepticism in Germany seriously has to think long and hard about it. Media outlets have openly stated that those who do so must be “prepared to pay a enormous price.”

Finally, Blastberg and Kohlenberg end their piece:

On the day that Fritz Vahrenholt spoke in Dresden, it had been exactly 14 years since Michael Mann published his hockey stick. During this time the annual output of CO2 on the planet has risen by more than 40%.”

And what has the temperature of the Earth done during the same period? Die Zeit chose not to mention it.

Vahrenholt photo source: RWE


Wave Of Global Warming Forecast To Sweep Across Europe – Warm Arctic Air To Freeze Northern Hemisphere

The computer models are beginning to show a blast of Arctic air coming to western Europe by next weekend.

Europe temperature forecast for 2 – 10 December 2012. Source: http://wxmaps.org/pix/temp4.html.

Over the last couple of days, the forecast seems to be converging on a cold wave, increasingly indicating a cold blast in the pipeline. We’ll know more in the next 72 hours. Right now there’s about a 2/3 chance this will happen (according to my models).

Explanation why

If this happens, it only confirms that the globe is getting warmer. At least that’s what the latest models and science from leading German, government-funded institutes have been claiming over the last couple of years.

Stefan Rahmstorf said for example that European winters will get warmer overall, but there will be more frequent cold waves because the Arctic is warm, which in turn will act to refrigerate the northern hemisphere in the wintertime – all of this is caused by global warming, even though the southern hemisphere is cooling. Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

Let me explain it to you anyway. You see, warm air rising from the 2 million sq km of extra open water over the Arctic causes huge air masses to sweep down south and put the remaining 200+ million sq km of the northern hemisphere into a deep freeze. If you look at the following graphic, you’ll see how this makes perfect sense.

How a warm Arctic refrigerates the northern hemisphere during the winter.



The red dot over the Arctic represents 2 million sq km of extra open water during the autumn, which acts to refrigerate the remaining 200+ million sq-km of the northern hemisphere during the winter. Chart source: Plumbago, the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later. Red dot and arrows added.

So using the latest and most sophisticated model results coming from the renown German climate institutes, we see that 1% of the Arctic indeed overwhelms and drives the remaining 99% of the northern hemisphere.

But wouldn’t the 99% of the northern hemisphere drive the 1% Arctic?


Of course not. The sophisticated models tell us it’s the other way around. Just like 0.04% trace gas CO2 now dominates 99.96% of the atmosphere, 1% of the Earth’s surface domineers the remaining 99%. That’s how nature works today, the Nobel Peace Prize winning climate scientists say. They’re experts and who are we to doubt them? Besides, the media believe it, and so you should too.

Just believe the climatologists.


German Die Zeit’s Twisted Perception: Doubt Being Fanned Worldwide By Climate Godfather Marc Morano

Yesterday’s print edition of Germany’s high-brow weekly Die Zeit has a full three-page feature story on the growing climate science skepticism in the USA and Germany titled “The Climate Warriors” authored by Kerstin Kohlenberg and Anita Blasberg.

The Climate Godfather Marc Morano

In their latest drive-by piece Die Zeit takes dead aim at Marc Morano, the Heartland Institute, the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE), Fritz Vahrenholt and other communicators of the skeptic message, and contrasts them to an innocent, tormented Michael Mann. Die Zeit’s message is clear: If you challenge climate science, then you’ll be portrayed as aggressors by Germany’s mainstream media.

The godfather of climate science skepticism

Their piece begins with a large color photo (not the one shown above) of a godfather-like appearing Marc Morano, who Die Zeit portrays as the communication and climate skepticism kingpin. The only thing missing from the photo is Richard Lindzen kissing his hand.

Under the god-father Morano photo they write:

Marc Morano in the small Virginia town of Reston. The PR strategist unleashed the climate denier’s  global campaign.”

Die Zeit holds Morano responsible for single-handedly spreading skepticism worldwide. “…Morano appears in America’s living rooms; a stocky figure in the mid forties, donning a suit and tie. He has a friendly smile that fools you.”

Die Zeit calls Morano the “most aggressive member of a well-paid mercenary group” who is “leading a fight that is fueled by hundreds of millions of dollars”. Zeit writes:

In the past years the fight was financed by US auto manufacturer Chrysler, and oil companies ExxonMobil and Chevron, and others. The story of the PR manager [Morano] is a story of a planned confusion. It is a didactic play on the art of lying. […] Doubt is now spreading across the world from America.”

And Morano is the mastermind behind it all, Die Zeit wants its readers to believe.

In Die Zeit’s view, there is no doubt that humans are causing the climate change, and that it will be catastrophic. The science and data are clear and the consensus is greater than ever. As far as Die Zeit is concerned, the scientific debate has long been over – a survey of 928 papers from 1993 to 2003 says so, they write. What’s left now is a struggle between the good warmists and the evil industry-paid deniers who are maliciously spreading doubt. There are no real skeptic climate scientists left. In the perception of Die Zeit, it’s now a struggle between David (honest climate scientists who are only doing their jobs) and Goliath (Morano leading an army of industry-funded PR mercenaries). Tragically, David is losing, Die Zeit frets.

Michael Mann proved climate change with his hockey stick

Die Zeit tells the story of “a little round man” named Michael Mann and his hockey stick chart, which they say is “proof that humans are at fault for climate change“. Die Zeit however blames Morano and the Heartland Institute for undermining the hockey stick’s credibility and fanning skepticism and lies. The hockey stick was attacked by Willie Soon who, Die Zeit explains, “received over 1 million dollars from ExxonMobil and other corporations“.

Unfortunately Die Zeit forgot to mention that the hockey stick had been debunked thoroughly by Steven McIntyre and Hans von Storch, who labelled the hockey stick chart “nonsense”, and that Andrew Montford wrote an entire book about the fraud: The Hockey Stick Illusion. They also failed to mention that the National Academy of Sciences had also called Mann’s methodology “flawed”.

They alluded to Wegman when describing a 2007 hearing:

A statistician, who up to then had nothing to do with climate science, described Mann as the mastermind of an international conspiracy, a former industry consultant who claimed Mann did not do his work properly.”

Die Zeit portrays Michael Mann as a humble and innocent scientist who today is being relentlessly tormented and persecuted by Morano and the skeptics just because his results are unpopular. While Morano lives “in a big Victorian home“, is chauffeured around in a limousine and “eats steak at the exquisite Capital Grill“, Mann lives in a humble little home, lit up by wind power, and is worried about his 7-year old daughter’s future. (There’s no mention he won a Nobel Peace Prize).

Die Zeit also focuses on Fred Singer and the late Frederick Seitz, who they write are “part of an industry-financed complex of associations and institutes that has grown up around Washington, a sort of Potemkin village of science, populated by paid experts who serve the interests of their clients. […] A well-oiled, self-perpetuating denial machine“.

Morano getting under Mann’s skin

Die Zeit describes the first time Michael Mann met Marc Morano, having no idea who he was. Today when Mann thinks back at this first encounter, “he has to take a deep breath. Now he’s knows who Marc Morano is.”

‘These people are cynics,’ he says. ‘It’s clear to me that Morano doesn’t mean me personally. He only wants to intimidate me. He wants to intimidate an entire field.’ Mann speaks softly, his face is pale.”

According to Mann, Morano has changed the entire rhetoric of the “deniers”. Mann says: “Morano has really accomplished a lot.”

Die Zeit writes that in the skeptics’ view:

The climate scientists are not only just wrong, but are now criminals who are intentionally committing fraud. Large parts of the public believe them.”

The Zeit also tells the story of how Mann once received a letter containing white powder, how he got a threatening e-mail, and that today “his life is no longer how it once was.” The underlying message Die Zeit conveys here is that climate scientists are being hounded, tormented and persecuted by a ruthless, industry funded mob.

Last resort for their beliefs

Die Zeit’s grotesquesly skewed perception of climate science skepticism includes a one-sided look at the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) and prominent German heavyweight skeptic Fritz Vahrenholt. I will write about that tomorrow.

I sent an e-mail to EIKE to get their opinion on DIE ZEIT’s perception of the skeptic movement. They replied, addressing the warmist movement in general:

They are in panic. Europe is the last resort for their beliefs.”

It’s important to remind readers that Die Zeit is a fundamentalist green publication that is completely closed to any arguments that challenge the global warming religion. It’s Kooksville.

For example, on February 6, 2012 at a press conference in Berlin, Dr Sebastian Lüning and Professor Fritz Vahrenholt unveiled their newly published book “Die kalte Sonne“. In attendance at the press conference was a journalist from Die Zeit, who, never having read the book, immediately attacked the two authors and their message. The good news that there was lots of science emerging showing no coming climate catastrophe was just too upsetting for him to handle. Just think about that.

The point here is that Die Zeit is just too fanatic and caught up in AGW dogmatism, and thus cannot be taken seriously as an objective source of any kind.



“You’ll Be Amazed By What Was Observed” – Inconvenient Arctic Observations Before Satellite Measurements

Die kalte Sonne website has another report about the Arctic. It presents a chronology showing that really nothing unusual is happening today. You’ll find it below translated in English.

US submarine “Skate” at the North Pole in August, 1958. “Hey, where’s the ice!”  US Navy photo. Source: Wikipedia.org/history.

We’ve seen it once already – Arctic sea ice melting happened in the first half of the 20th century
By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt

When one hears or reads the reports about the Arctic sea ice, it helps to remember that satellite measurement did not begin until 1979. Thus we have data only for a period of just over 30 years. This barely suffices to fulfil the gladly used “climate definition” of a minimum period of 30 years. So we can’t avoid having a suspicious feeling, as we ask what did the sea ice do before satellite measurement began? Can we just simply skip over this and simply add the notation that we just don’t know much about it? Of course not. That would be too easy. Before the days of satellite measurement, ships travelled in the Arctic and brought back information about sea ice cover in the region.

In the following chronology, we present some of these reports. You’ll be amazed by what was observed.

1907 The New York Times reported on an Arctic heat wave. Source: Real Science.

1922 The Pittsburgh Press: “Extraordinary warmth in the Arctic during the last few years. Polar ice sheet to melt down? “Source: Real Science, The Mail.

1923 Fishermen, seal hunters and explorers report on unusually high temperatures around Spitzbergen and the East Arctic Ocean. The Daily News from Perth speculated on whether the sea ice in the Arctic Ocean would soon melt away as a result of a “radical climate change”. Source: Real Science.

1935 Russian vessel travelled over ice-free region that today was still ice-covered just before the previous ice minimum in 2007. Source: Real Science.

1938 Huge melting of Arctic sea ice. Source: WUWT.

Arctic temperatures in the 1930s were warmer and the warming rate was higher than the rate seen at the end of the 20th century. Source: The Hockeyschtick.

At the end of the 1930s, Soviet scientists noticed that for an extended time period it even had been 6°C warmer than during the Nansens ice drift, and a few degrees warmer than today. Source: Donner + Doria.

1940 According to reports, Arctic sea ice in February 1940 was a mere 2 meters thick, which was the same as the thickness of February 2012. Source: Real Science,

1947 Geophysicist Hans Ahlmann sets off the alarm: Climate change in the Arctic is so dramatic that an international agency needs to be set up to address it. Source: Real Science, the reference frame.

1958 During a voyage in the summer of 1958, American submarine “Skate“ emerged in open water nine times – and once at the North Pole. Source: Donner + Doria.


Note: I translated Lüning’s and Vahrenholt’s text rather than seeking out the original quotes, and so there may be some slight deviations from the original.


Another Dissident In Germany Speaks Up In An Open Letter – Even Warmist Science Shows There’s Been No Warming

Kurt Fischer

The European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) presents an open letter authored by a CDU (Conservative Party) councilman to Hanover treasurer Dr. Marc Hansmann.

Dissent is growing and skepticism is taking root in Germany, as one prominent figure after another begin to speak out. This all goes back to Prof. Fred Singer’s visit to Germany 2010, which produced an uproar, especially among the Greens and Socialists.

EIKE writes:

For years all political parties in Germany have been simply parroting the rallying cries concerning the supposedly anthropogenic CO2 caused “climate catastrophe”. Hardly a single politician has made the effort to check over these claims and to review the extensive literature of the so-called skeptics. This blind trust in a completely politicized, state-funded research along with the one sided reporting of the German(!) media appears to be disappearing as of late. This seems to have been sparked by the hearing with Professor Fred Singer 2010 by a parliamentary group led by Ms Marie-Luise Dött (CDU), and then followed up by two conferences on climate change and energy by the FDP Free Democrats in Saxony (30 June 2012 and 1 December 2012 respectively). Now we have this very recent open letter from CDU councilman and Hanover CDU faction chairman Kurt Fischer. The letter addresses the unkind attacks from Dr. Hansmann on Mr. Fischer, who now takes the occasion to respond.”

What follows next is the open letter by Kurt Fischer to Dr. Hansmann, in English:


From: Kurt Fischer Councilman of the CDU in Hanover

To: Dr. Marc Hansmann
Treasurer of the Hanover State Capital
Date: 14 Nov 2012

Dear Dr. Hansmann,

With the statement that Hurricane Sandy was a consequence of climate change, you are only reflecting the overall media depiction. To the contrary – a scientific examination does not support this claim:

1. The data from the institutes close to the IPCC show that no global warming has been measured in 14 years:
Source: http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/nh+sh; supplemented with text and a trend arrow.

On this subject, the Director of the English UEA/CRU Institute, Prof. Phil JONES, in an interview (see chart above):

“Professor Jones also conceded the possibility that the world was warmer in medieval times than now – suggesting global warming may not be a man-made phenomenon. And he said that for the past 15 years there has been no statistically significant warming.” http://www.dailymailClimategate-U-turn-html; Interview in Daily Mail, 15 Feb 2010.

You don’t need to search out a “skeptic” to confirm the above shown graphic, as even the rather alarmist German science and serious scientists confirm precisely the same, e.g. Prof. Dr. Jochem MAROTZKE (Director of the Max Planck Inst. Hamburg):

“According to our preliminary calculations, it should get much warmer quickly in the next few years. But we do not have confidence in these prognoses. This is because the simulation should have shown the current temperature stagnation – which it failed to do.” DER SPIEGEL, 27 Feb 2012, p. 113.

“Therefore the models are not consistent with the currently observed climate development,” admits Jochem Marotzke, Director of the Hamburg Max Planck Institute for Meteorology. FOCUS: (http://www.focus.de/wissen.html; 16 April 2012).

2. Using hurricane statistics with regards to wind strength, Sandy is at most average:

Meteorologically it was somewhat unusual, but it is in no way unusual that a hurricane struck the US East Coast. This is the only reason why there was extreme damage. That was due to a particular weather pattern and had nothing at all to do with “climate change”:


3. The IPCC also found no increasing extreme weather trend:
“Recent analyses in changes in severe local weather (tornadoes, thunder days, lightning and hail) in a few selected regions provide no compelling evidence for widespread systematic long-term changes“. (Source: IPCC, 2001, TAR-02-2, Chapt. 2.7.4., Summary, S.163-164).

Also an IPCC special report before the climate conference in Durban (2011) reached the same conclusion. Source: http://www.eike-extremwetter-fehlanzeige

Worldwide statistics from the weather agencies also found no extreme-weather trends:

Source: http://www.eike-extremwetterlagen/

Also the repeated claims by the insurance companies that there are greater damages because of extreme weather failed to hold up against scrutiny.

Source: http://www.eike-neues-aus-der-anstalt/ and www.kaltesonne.de  and http://www.eike-wirklichkeit-ist-das-anders/.

Dear Dr. Hansmann, I am amazed to see even intelligent people parroting time and again the media statements that are related to these “dubious claims” coming from the profiteers and ideologues of “climate planet rescuers “, all based on shaky science. I think it would be fabulous if indeed more “intelligent people” gave more effort to think for themselves and to doublecheck!

We especially have to protect ourselves from politicians who implement very costly so-called “climate protection measures” that are based on dubious and unsecured science. There will come a day where we will be judged on this.

With regards to this, Prof. Dr. Heinrich Miller, Vice President of the Alfred Wegener Institute, said in an interview on “climate protection”:

“Those who speak of climate protection are only creating illusions.“ Miller calls on toning it down: “Climate is not something that can be protected and it doesn’t allow itself to be stabilized at a desired temperature. It has dramatically changed in the past also without the influence of man.“ Source: DIE ZEIT, Bohrer im Eis, 06 June 2007 , p.40

Sincerely yours,

Kurt Fischer
Councilman at the State Capital Hanover
Member of the Environment Committee for more than 10 years


My Open Call To The New York City Police Department – To Report Obvious Fraud Now In Progress At NASA GISS

What follows is not crazy – it’s what we used to call “civic duty” by caring citizens.

This is my open call to the NYPD, 26th Precinct, 520 West 126th Street, New York, NY 10027, Tel. (212) 678-1311, webpage here. This is the precinct responsible for NASA GISS, Columbia University.

It wouldn’t be the first time civil disobedience inciter and Data-Dr. James Hansen is apprehended for breaking the law.

I am officially reporting, to the NYC police, NASA-GISS scientist James Hansen, pictured above, for manipulating and falsifying U.S. Government temperature data, with the likely intent to defraud U.S. citizens. He has been caught red-handed by Steven Goddard and other experts, not just once but on multiple occasions. All witnesses are urged to notify the authorities and to provide evidence of Hansen’s activity so that the authorities can properly investigate what plainly appears as criminal activity in broad daylight and, as duty calls, to render protection to the public they have sworn to serve. Tel. 212-678-1311.


Hansen’s statement in 1999: NASA GISS: Science Briefs: Whither U.S. Climate?, Here Hansen writes on US temperature trend:

Empirical evidence does not lend much support to the notion that climate is headed precipitately toward more extreme heat and drought. The drought of 1999 covered a smaller area than the 1988 drought, when the Mississippi almost dried up. And 1988 was a temporary inconvenience as compared with repeated droughts during the 1930s “Dust Bowl” that caused an exodus from the prairies, as chronicled in Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath. […]

….in the U.S. there has been little temperature change in the past 50 years, the time of rapidly increasing greenhouse gases — in fact, there was a slight cooling throughout much of the country.”

Since then, he has since doctored the data and claims today it is now warming rapidly.

Yet, look at Hansen’s US temperature chart in 1999, source: http://stevengoddard.wordpress/:

Compare the above chart to his new, doctored chart, now being used to defraud the US and world public, source: http://stevengoddard.wordpress/:


The next chart is a comparator to illustrate Hansen’s handiwork in misleading the public:

Before – after. Source: http://stevengoddard.wordpress/

Suspect Hansen is being aided and abetted by a white, balding male, donning a goatee, who appears to be Hansen’s assistant and goes by the name “Gavin”.

Hansen has already once been arrested by authorities before, see above photo, and attempted to incite civil disobedience. He seems to think he’s above the law.

Now what follows is the latest rock-hard evidence of Hansen’s data doctoring to produce the warming results he wants to see:



Steven Goddard here writes today:

Until about ten years ago, NASA showed the US on an 80 year long cooling trend, with the three hottest years being in the 1920s and 1930s. They have deleted the raw data from their website and blocked archiving, but John Daly captured it. It was originally located at this link:”

Request for police to investigate

Citizens should not be afraid to report any wrongdoing to the authorities, no matter what the stature of the suspect may be. There is nothing illegal about it. Moreover, it is your civic duty to do so. Do not let yourself be intimidated. This has got to be done.

Hansen has been caught red-handed, and the police are obligated to carry out their duty and investigate, and, if necessary, apprehend the suspect so that he may face eventual possible legal consequences.

Hansen is a high-ranking NASA scientist. However, in a nation of justice, authority and prestige at any level do not put anyone above the law. It’s what has made America fair and great. Yes, even people of high positions can be complete dirtbags, too – just like any other person among us. Let the evidence be presented and to speak for itself.

James Hansen’s justification for “adjusting” the US temperature will likely be the kind you’d expect to hear from a rapist gynecologist, claiming he was only examining his patient and looking out for her health. In Hansen’s case, the evidence is overwhelming showing he has been doctoring and manipulating US government data – to mislead the public on climate change.

We expect the authorities to take action to protect the public and to begin investigating immediately, as required by law.

Numerous parties have witnessed this data falsification and are ready to make sworn statements and provide overwhelming evidence, like that provided above. Witnesses with evidence are urged to call the police at the above mentioned number.

Let’s see if there is any justice left in America. Personally I’m confident the NYPD will handle this professionally and respond accordingly.

Citizens all over America and around the world are getting awfully damn tired of being defrauded by this obviously blatant data manipulation.

So NYPD, there’s a big fish out there waiting for you! There’s enough evidence out there to put him away for years.


Russian Arctic Scientist: Permafrost Changes Due To Natural Factors…”It’s Going To Be Colder”!

Sebastian Lüning’s and Fritz Vahrenholt’s Die kalte Sonne presents an interesting view on permafrost from Russia. I’ve added some extra quotes from the video for non-German readers.

After widespread sea ice melt in the Arctic in the 1930s and 40s, the ice re-established itself. In the 1970s the temperature dropped and sea ice increased. In the 1970s and 90s at the Hudson Bay and Beaufort Sea, seals suffered under the extensive ice and the population fell dramatically.

In Siberia today the permafrost is supposed to be gradually melting, so we are told. But if you ask local Russian scientists, this cannot be confirmed (see video above).

Russian permafrost expert slaps down AGW

In the video a German journalist travels to Siberia and speaks with Russian permafrost expert Michali Grigoryev on the state of the permafrost (2007). Grigoryev shows the journalist a rare baby mammoth uncovered from the ice, and adds that such finds are becoming more and more frequent today. “Because of climate change”, the journalist asks at the 0:48 mark? Grigoryev answers:

No, you are wrong. The permafrost is not melting. There is no man-made climate change.”

The journalist then quotes the Russian scientist:

Indeed above at the surface it has gotten warmer, but that’s just part of a normal cycle. The permafrost is rock hard, And that is how it is going to stay. There’s no talk of thawing.”

At the 1:24 mark, the scientist says:

The cyclic warming is coming to an end. It is going to get colder soon. The climate depends on the sun and the oceans. Three factors have coincided and have warmed the climate, but in 8 to 15 years, it’s going to be colder again.”

As the clip was made in 2007, that means we have just 3 to 10 years left before the cooling sets in in earnest. We note that there’s been no warming in 15 years and that the signs for cooling are mounting.

In another another study from Siberia, multiple super warm periods were found over the last 2.8 million years. Those were certainly caused by purely natural processes, and not anthropogenic influences.

But let’s look at the more recent 10,000 years, i.e. the current interglacial. A German-Norwegian team led by Juliane Müller of the Alfred Wegener Institute in Bermerhaven, Germany, recently discovered that the sea ice cover west of Greenland gradually increased from 8500 to 1000 years before present. Off Eastern Greenland sea ice pretty much remained constant during this period. The study appeared in July 2012 in the Quaternary Science Reviews.

In yet another study by a team led by Funder shows that the Arctic sea ice 8000 years ago was less than half of the minimum we saw in 2007. In the meantime most of the climate models are able to reproduce this lack of ice during the middle of the interglacial (Berger et al 2012, Climate of the Past Discussions). The cause of this warming and the ice melt in this case was the Milankovitch cycles.

Finally, we have the Medieval Warm Period back. Canadian scientists have just discovered that the Northwest Passage had been completely ice-free during the summer, which today is still not the case.


Changing The Climate Change Act…UK Government Says Green Energy Commitments Were “Made Very Foolishly”

Good to see that the British government is finally realising that renewable energy is “foolish” and that a fundamental change in course is necessary.

This is revealed by an undercover video rolled by Greenpeace, who of course are shocked that Britain would want to end its folly.

At the 4:19 mark Greenpeace has Peter Lilley saying:

Basically I think Osbourne wanted to get people into key positions who could begin to get the government off the hook of the commitments it made very foolishly. […] We could well see, certainly amendments to the Climate Change Act.”

High time!

That means Britain is 2 steps ahead of the US in ending its climate madness. Under Obama the US is now contemplating committing to green energy, which first has to be done before the country can next think about getting off the hook.

Our friend James Delingpole is featured in the video as an “extreme” element operating in a “militant” wing of the Conservative party.


Germany’s Massive Renewable Energy System Puts Out Only 7% Of It’s Rated Capacity in November!

Germany has spent money on renewable energy, like wind and solar power, like few others in the world. So far the country has invested hundreds of billions. How’s the return on investment? Pretty lousy, especially this November.

The European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) today has a story on how wind parks and solar panels are performing: Germany’s renewable energy in November! Only 7 % of the installed feed-in capacity was fed in.

When Germany exports some energy to France, the media hypes it up everywhere in the evening news…proof that Germany’s energy transition to renewable energy is paying off!

But that, it turns out, is a rare event. Ralf Schuster, for example, took the October data from the EEX in Leipzig and plotted the following chart, which depicts wind and solar feed-in, import from France, and export to France. I’m not going to get to much in the details here. The chart below shows that the exports (green shaded area) are rare and import from France (red shaded area) is the normal situation.

 Chart by Ralf Schuster

Schuster then took a look at how much solar and wind power was fed in last week from 9 November to 15 November, 2012. He found that of the 64,000 MW of installed wind + solar capacity in Germany, less than 5000 MW was fed in. That comes out to just over a whopping whole 7%!

Now imagine paying 100 employees and seeing only 7 of them working, and that for an entire week. It wouldn’t be long before you went bankrupt.

This kind of performance should be considered before any country, state or community allow itself to be duped into investing in green energy sources.

It’s not for nothing old societies back in history abandoned windmills. They weren’t effective back then, and they certainly are not efficient today.

Hat-tip to Winfried Klein Chairman of the IG-LAHN e.V. in Runkel, Germany Tel.: (+49) 6482 4994.


Al Gore Purchases $9 Million Dollar Mansion – Consumes More Energy Than An Entire Working Class Neighborhood

If you look at the photos here, you’ll notice there are no solar panels on the roof – even though the region gets lots of sunshine. In fact the house indeed is a real energy pig and probably consumes more than an entire working class neighborhood.

Think of the huge carbon footprint created by manufacturing and importing all the marble, furniture and fixtures from Europe and other places all over the world.

Read more about Al Gore’s lifestyle of the Rich and Alarmist at News Busters here.

He’s probably living next door to carbon fighters Laurie David, James Cameron and Leonardo DiCrappio.


Munich Blackout…Consumers Learn Today That Their Electricity Rates Will Skyrocket To Record Levels In 2013!

Now that a day has passed since the Munich Blackout, the Munich City Utility (Stadtwerke) still has not been able to determine the cause. It’s a mystery!

Many naughty citizens are speculating that Germany’s frantic, hasty rush to renewable energy may have contributed to the blackout because of growing grid instability caused by the wildly fluctuating wind and solar power feed-in.

The green mainstream media have reacted testily and hissy about such suspicions, insisting that the “blackout had nothing to do” with Germany’s use of the “clean” planet-saving energy. It’s like: “how dare you suspect renewable energy!”

Much higher prices for a much crappier supply

If unstable grids, blackouts and crappy supply aren’t bad enough, today we learn that we will are going to have to pay a hell of a more for this crap power in 2013. What a deal! It’s the story of the green economy: much crappier products – astronomically higher prices.

The online The Local here writes:

Electricity bills to take record hike in January

Millions of German householders will see their energy bills rise from January, with electricity firms publishing revised price plans this week – Vattenfall said its prices would increase by 13 percent. The average hike will be around 10 percent, it seems, now hundreds of providers have tweaked their prices ahead of next weeks’ deadline for new rates. The increases have been described as the biggest ever seen in generally price-stable Germany.

…The main reason given for price increases is the government’s guarantee of a rate for energy from sustainable sources that is well above market prices.
The biggest beneficiary of the environmental levy is the state, which is set to cash in €1.4 billion through the system in 2013.

Keep reading here.

There you have it: “the biggest beneficiary is the state…”

In the meantime, I’m now developing the habit of hitting the “SAVE” button every minute.


Munich Blacks Out! Welcome To The Future Of Germany’s Energy Transition! Harbinger Of What Green Energy Holds?

Today DIE WELT reports that large swaths of Munich saw the power go out this morning starting at 7:01 a.m. local time, leaving thousands in the dark and the affected areas paralyzed for about half an hour.

Just a simple short circuit? (Photo source: Robert Lawton, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license).

Computer screens went black, trains stopped, electric doors trapped people, elevators stopped, factories ground to a halt, and traffic signals ceased to operate, thus leaving half of Munich in total chaos.

Germany’s electric power infrastructure not long ago was considered to be one of the world’s best engineered and most reliable. Since I’ve moved here 23 years ago, I can recall the power going out maybe once. Power outages here are almost unheard of.

But all that is changing today, thanks to Germany’s hysterically driven energy transition away from steady nuclear and fossil fuel power sources over to “clean” and environmentally friendly wind and solar power. Unfortunately in the wintertime, when there’s little sun and often times little wind, and overall demand is high, bottlenecks in the supply of energy are becoming increasingly common and posing a real and mounting threat to grid stability.

The exact cause of this morning’s blackout is still unknown, and knowing the religious fervor driving the green power movement, the real cause may never be made public. The drugged-up-on-green media are playing down the situation as just an event that could happen to anyone, anywhere.

Munich’s city utility claims to have found the cause. DIE WELT writes:

In the meantime the Munich City Utility has released the cause of the power outage: There was a defect with a 110,000-volt supply line between Munich and Moosburg, which is located to the north.”

The Munich fire brigade reports that the blackout was caused by an explosion at a transformer station. “Three isolators exploded at a 110 kV transformer station.” According to DIE WELT, the city of Moosburg, home to 18,000 residents, still remained without power even at lunchtime. Later at 12:30 DIE WELT reported that service had been restored.

The online Bild daily reports:

‘The power outage hitting large parts of Munich is traced back to a technical failure in the power line system north of the city,’ said the head of the Munich City Utility (SWM), Stephan Schwarz. …’Details are still unclear.’ […] ‘It was probably a power spike that passed through.’”

A power spike? Where would that come from? Bild adds:

Schwarz emphasized that ‘the incident had nothing to do with the energy transition and the entire discussion about a secure power grid.’ A reference to the energy transition is ‘completely wrong’. ‘What happened today could have happened 20 years ago.’”

Strangely, Schwarz has already begun pointing the finger at a possible culprit, saying that “if it turns out that E.ON Bavaria is responsible for the outage, then it has to start thinking about questions of liability.”

You see folks, it’s the big bad power companies again. Let’s all blame them.

Companies and industry may wish to think again about moving operations to Germany. Sure malfunctions at stations can occur. But it is indeed a bit strange that power outages, many lasting just a few tenths of a second, have been on a hockey stick increase lately ever since Germany started force feeding the uneven supply of wind and solar power into its grid and switching off an array of nuclear power plants.

Energy experts have been warning for months that Germany will be dangerously vulnerable to power outages more than ever, especially if this winter turns out to be a hard one. The instability of the green energy supply has led power companies to intervene hundreds of times to keep the grid up. It’s only a question of time before the big blackout hits.

Just be sure to have a good supply of candles on hand.


German Climate Institutes Revise: CO2 Will Now Cause Warmer Winters With “More Frequent Cold”

German online news weekly FOCUS here has a report on the impacts of climate change on European winters, particularly those in Germany.

Dubious science: German scientists claim warming Arctic leads to a colder and warmer Northern hemisphere. Photo source: NASA, public domain.

A few years back we all heard scientists saying that snow and cold winters were a thing of the past in Europe. But now that we’ve had several successive snowy and cold winters in a row, they’ve backpedalled and are now claiming global warming leads to more (and not less) cold and snowy winters instead. And not just in Europe, but also over the Northern Hemisphere as a whole.

According to FOCUS, Germany’s leading climate institutes are now saying we will be getting both warmer and colder at the same time. How that can physically happen they have yet to figure out. Just believe their models, I guess.

FOCUS reports that “in Central Europe, cold icy winters will probably prevail instead of Mediterranean-like climate, and that in the future snow will fall from the skies more often.”

Ralf Jaiser of the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Ocean Research says:

The possibility exists even if more or less certain prognoses are impossible.”

The scientists are blaming global warming and the melting Arctic for the projected colder European winters.

FOCUS also quotes the Max Planck Institute: “Model simulations and observation data both show that the retreat in sea ice also changes the weather system,” says Dirk Notz of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg. He says this will cause “cold polar air to stream down into Europe”. That means two of Germany’s renowned climate institutes are now claiming global warming means colder European winters.

But Rahmstorf says we will get warmer winters with more frequent cold.

FOCUS also quotes Stefan Rahmstorf of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, who says the recent Greenland high that forced hurricane Sandy into America’s east coast and a cold snap to grip Europe at the same time “could be a consequence of the ice melt in the Arctic”. “Both the models simulations and measured data indicate a relationship between sea ice retreat and more frequent highs over Greenland.“

He’s so full of it.

Dirk Notz also says a warming Arctic also means a smaller temperature differences with respect to southern regions and that the jet stream is thus weakening, which in turn leads to easier mixing of air masses. So far this year there have been two studies showing Arctic sea ice melt may lead to heavier snowfalls in the northern hemisphere. Notz says that there is a greater probability of cold winters ahead.

But Rahmstorf disputes that. Focus quotes Rahmstorf:

Stefan Rahmstorf of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact research assumes to the contrary that the average winter temperatures will continue to rise. ‘Merely temporary cold snaps like during last February which led to record cold in all of Europe may increase.'”

They want their cake and to eat it, too. What’s strange in all this is that if polar air streams down southwards, then something has to move up to replace it. That would would mean southern air streaming up into the Arctic. Thus we would have to say that the Arctic melt is caused by changing wind patterns and not by warming. It seems the German alarmists are trying to get everything their way, but it’s physically impossible.

They’re weaving a very confused web.


Spiegel Scare: 2011 Sees New “Gigantic” CO2 Emissions Record (Pssst – But Global Temperatures Dropped)

Spiegel here writes 2011 global CO2 emissions have just been released – a new (modern) record!

It sounds like a broken record played year after year after year…”CO2 emissions break a new record!” And year after year we are shown the chart depicting atmospheric CO2 concentrations (see below) accompanied by grave warnings that the greenhouse gas is out of control.

Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported, 2.5 Generic, 2.0 Generic and 1.0 Generic license.

And year after year, they neglect to show us the superimposed temperature chart over the last 15 years, i.e. since the CO2-global warming scare began in earnest. The reason is obvious: Yes, take a look!

Interpret this! Source: WoodForTrees.com. Also see here.

There’s not a damn bit of correlation. CO2 hasn’t had any warming effect whatsoever. CO2 up, temperature down! Why are you (Spiegel) too stupid to see that?

Spiegel here:

Globally in 2011 a gigantic 34 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide were emitted – thus the burden on the Earth’s atmosphere reached a record level, reports the International Economic Forum for Regenerative Energies. The figures leave little room for interpretation.”

Spiegel adds that experts at the Dutch Environmental Research Institute PBL confirmed the trend, and that the “promises for reductions at the climate summits of the last years have hardly yielded anything”.

What the hell are you talking about? Temperatures haven’t risen at all. Isn’t that the result you wanted to begin with? What more could you possibly want? We are talking about only a few molecules of CO2 per million.

Not surprisingly, Spiegel forgets to mention that global temperature in 2011 fell about a “gigantic” 0.2 degrees.

In fact, I repeat, global temperature hasn’t risen at all in 15 years. How come? Natural factors stopped playing a role, remember?

Get a life, media.