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Broken Altimetry? 225 Tide Gauges Show Sea Level Rising Only 1.48 mm Per Year …Less Than Half The Satellite-Claimed Rate!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailDave Burton of site here deserves widespread, world-wide exposure. Hat-tip: Kenneth Richard The site allows user-friendly observation of sea level rise trends at locations across the world using spreadsheet data direct from NOAA and PSMSL, as it is designed to be similar to Paul Clark’s popular interactive temperature graph site ( Sea levels rising less than half as fast, […]

'Stalinist Conformity': Swiss Professor Says 'Young Researchers Forced To Submit To Mainstream Theories'

‘Stalinist Conformity’: Swiss Professor Says ‘Young Researchers Forced To Submit To Mainstream Theories’

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailWhat the older science generation lacks in science competence, they more than make up for it in arrogance. US Attorneys General take aim at climate science dissidents So vulnerable, flawed, and under fire has climate science and other fields become that the only tactic left to defend the disintegrating positions is to use Stalinist measures […]

Despite Massive El Nino, Current Decade Still Cooler Than 2001 – 2010 Decade!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailFellow climate blogger Robin Pittwood at the New Zealand-based Kiwi Thinker here brings us up-to-date on how the current 2011 – 2020 decade is doing temperature-wise. Many readers are aware of a climate bet made with alarmists Rob Honeycutt and Mr. Know-it-all, Dana Nuccitelli. The skeptics bet the current decade would be cooler or […]

Why Climate Science’s Condition Is Terminal …”Science” Has Suffered The Very Same Fatal Disease Before

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailIf you’re looking for an outstanding, powerful analogue that shows the likely future fate of climate science, Ian Leslie (of the Guardian, no less!) has it here. Hat-tip: Mikky The high carb, low-fat science is crumbling with ever accelerating speed and in spectacular fashion. And because climate science was established in the very same way, […]

Spiegel Puts Spotlight On Germany’s “Green Sleaze” … Wind Industry’s “Corruption Of Greens, Environmental Groups, Local Pols…”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThe latest hardcopy issue of flagship news magazine Der Spiegel reports how Germany’s green energy revolution has bitterly divided the country’s environmental movement. Enoch zu Guttenberg, one of Germany’s most prolific environmentalists has become an outspoken critic of wind energy in Germany, and believes children in the future will be able to see Germany’s idyllic […]

Global Sea Surface Temperatures Have Fallen Sharply …”Cooled Surprisingly” …Negative Global Temperature Anomaly By End Of 2016?

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailSnowfan at here recently reported on solar activity and ocean cycles. Today we will focus on the ocean cycle part of his post. ==================================== The oceans (SST) have cooled surprisingly over January to February 2016. While during other El Niño events like in 2015/16 led to a time-delayed warming of the Earth’s atmosphere […]

New Findings Show Greenland Ice Changes, Melt Water Production Due To Natural Geothermal Factors!

New Findings Show Greenland Ice Changes, Melt Water Production Due To Natural Geothermal Factors!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailGreenland Ice Changes Due To Natural Factors, Studies Show By Kenneth Richard According to a just-published (2016)  Nature scientific paper, large portions of the Greenland Ice Sheet (GIS) are significantly melting from below due to massive geothermal heat flux forcing. A natural explanation for ice sheet loss is not consistent with the paradigm that says the melting of the GIS is largely due to changes […]

Video Drives Home How Germany’s Green Energy Transformed It’s Idyllic Landscape – Into An Industrial Eyesore!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailAwhile back I posted before-and-after photos of how wind parks are destroying Germany’s natural landscape. Those photos have now been put into a video. Send the link to political leaders or communities who may be contemplating wind parks in their areas. Is this really what you want to see every time you look out the […]

Germany March 2016 Comes In 0.3°C Below Mean …Yet DWD Calls It A Mild Month

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailGermany’s DWD national weather service here has published the result of March 2016 weather in Germany – having crunched the data from some 2000 stations scattered across the country. Although DWD insists March was “mild”, a closer look at the data reveals that it was in fact 0.3°C cooler than the 1981-2010 mean. How […]

Huge NOAA Correction! 2016 Likely Will Not Even Be Close To Setting New Temperature Record As La Niña Kicks In

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailNOAA/CFSv2 strongly corrects ENSO forecast Schneefan at German climate science site writes here that the NOAA’s ENSO model CFSv2 saw considerable deficiency with its recent forecasting, which not long ago foresaw ongoing global warming El Niño conditions for 2016. What follows is the BOM Climate Model Summary from 16 March 2016 with the […]

V112 installation, Macarthur Windfarm, Australia

Green Wind Energy Giant Vestas Under Investigation For Tax Evasion …Sun Edison Under SEC Probe As Shares Collapse 96%!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailWhat’s going with the leading renewable energy companies, which were supposed to be leading the way to a new, brighter and greener future? Tax evasion investigation clouds Vestas’s horizon. Image: Vestas German online SHZ daily here reports that Danish wind energy giant Vestas saw its Hamburg and Husum, Germany, offices raided by German tax […]

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