Record Cold Hits North America, Arctic Sea Ice Stable As Solar Activity Reaches Near 200-Year Low

Record Cold Hits North America, Arctic Sea Ice Stable As Solar Activity Reaches Near 200-Year Low

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailWinter has arrived much earlier than normal this year, particularly across North America, where cold records have been shattered. This Thanksgiving is in fact going down as one of the coldest ever on record across the Northeast. The Washington Post here, for example, reports that Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2018 will be remembered for […]

Warming Put On Ice…"Wicked Cold" Set To Sweep Europe...Arctic Ice Volume Climbs To Normal Levels

Warming Put On Ice…”Wicked Cold” Set To Sweep Europe…Arctic Ice Volume Climbs To Normal Levels

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailRecently we’ve been hearing about how cold it’s been over much of North America, for example how Houston saw its earliest snowfall on record! Well, it appears that the early wintry conditions are getting set to take even stronger hold over the Northern Hemisphere. Yesterday at Weatherbell’s Daily Update, veteran meteorologist Joe Bastardi showed […]

Winter To Arrive Early Across Central Europe As Solar Activity Remains Quietest in 200 Years

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThe weather models are all now pointing to wintry weather pushing into Europe next week, after a year of near record warm temperatures. Is a cold winter in store? German skeptic weather and climate blogger Schneefan (Snow Fan) here writes that the winter most likely will be starting early this year, but it remains […]

US CFSV2 Model "Horrible Bust" October Forecast ...Month Ends Up Brutally Cold Across Western Hemisphere!

US CFSV2 Model “Horrible Bust” October Forecast …Month Ends Up Brutally Cold Across Western Hemisphere!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailCorrection: It’s the CFSV2 that is “busted”, and not the GFS as mistakenly reported earlier. ========================================= At his Weatherbell Saturday Summary here, veteran meteorologist Joe Bastardi takes a hard look at the US CFSV2 October-2018 forecast and compares it to what really happened. “Horrible bust” For energy dealers and those in the agriculture business, […]

Western Europe 2018/19 Winter Projected To Be Cooler Than Normal, Some Early Forecasts Suggest

Western Europe 2018/19 Winter Projected To Be Cooler Than Normal, Some Early Forecasts Suggest

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailAs the end of September closes in and the first signs of winter begin to appear, some people are wondering what to expect for the coming winter. Cold and snowy or mild and rainy? Meteorologists are busy looking for signs of the coming winter using different methods. This season a variety of results have […]

Near Record Lows Set Across Central Europe...Snow Blankets Alps Below 1000 Meters...Surface Frost In Germany!

Near Record Lows Set Across Central Europe…Snow Blankets Alps Below 1000 Meters…Surface Frost In Germany!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailParts of Europe woke up to near record low temperatures, snow and surface frost this morning as cold air swept across the continent from the north. Just a couple of weeks ago the climate ambulance chasers were hysterically crying climate wolf as much of the continent baked at high temperatures under drought conditions. But […]

Against The Forecasts: Sea Ice Grows...Surface Temperatures Fall... Troposphere Cools...Polar Regions Stable!

Against The Forecasts: Sea Ice Grows…Surface Temperatures Fall… Troposphere Cools…Polar Regions Stable!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailGerman climate and weather analyst “Schneefan” (Snow Fan) here writes a summary of the first half of 2018 thus far. All data show that the surface temperature of the globe has been cooling strongly over the past months and polar ice mass growing. He writes that in the first half of this year we […]

Swiss Meteorologist: "Terrible Quality Weather Apps" - Not Climate Change - "Killing People"

Swiss Meteorologist: “Terrible Quality Weather Apps” – Not Climate Change – “Killing People”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailWeather tragedy in Swiss Alps claims 10 lives… Veteran Swiss meteorologist Jörg Kachelmann says 10 deaths caused by a “surprise snowstorm” had nothing to do with “climate change”, but more to do with poor human judgement and a misguided reliance on “terrible quality weather apps”. Last weekend a group of 6 skiers were killed by a […]

Warm European April A Sign Of Cool Coming Summer, Statistics Unfortunately Suggest

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThe media are bellowing about how April in Germany was the “all-time warmest ever recorded”, and so it has to be a clear sign of global warming (suddenly the colder than normal March and February have been forgotten). Europe enjoyed a balmy April this year. Chart: NCEP. What does the unusually warm Central European […]

Central Europe's Wintry Spring Start...March Mean Temp Almost 2°C Below Normal...2nd White Easter In A Row

Central Europe’s Wintry Spring Start…March Mean Temp Almost 2°C Below Normal…2nd White Easter In A Row

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+email Germany’s DWD national weather service has released the preliminary mean weather results for the country for March, 2018: “In summary a cold March, again snow in the north and east.” Wintry 2018 spring start in Germany. Photo by P Gosselin. The reason for the cold March, according to the DWD: “Germany was in a […]

Monbiot's 2005 Irrationality Exposed As Deadly Cold Sweeps Over Europe, UK Sees "Coldest Spring Day On Record"

Monbiot’s 2005 Irrationality Exposed As Deadly Cold Sweeps Over Europe, UK Sees “Coldest Spring Day On Record”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThe Telegraph here is calling it “the UK’s coldest spring day on record” with “life-threatening conditions“, adding The Armed Forces have been forced to step in as police and hospitals struggle to cope with freezing weather sweeping across Britain. […] Nearly every part of the country was hit by snowfall and gales as the Met Office said Thursday was […]

Russian Cold Shot Set To Shock-Freeze Europe …Cold Temperatures…High Winds…Homeless At Risk

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailA vicious cold blast is about to invade Europe from the Russian Front and shock freeze the continent: #kältewelle #dauerfrost #windchill Der Fröstelfaktor ist ab sofort deutlich erhöht. Hier mal animiert die gefühlten Temperaturen bis Anfang März. Es drohen Erfrierungen bei ungenügendem Schutz. Bitte auch an die obdachlosen Menschen denken! ❄ — Dominik Jung […]

5 New Papers: Climate And Weather Events Become LESS Erratic And Severe During Warming Periods

5 New Papers: Climate And Weather Events Become LESS Erratic And Severe During Warming Periods

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+email Cooling, Not Warming, Leads To   Weather and Climate Instability  Image Source: Loisel et al., 2017 1. Significant Decreasing Trend In Severe Weather Since 1961 Zhang et al., 2017 Based on continuous and coherent severe weather reports from over 500 manned stations, for the first time, this study shows a significant decreasing trend in severe weather […]

While Record Cold Grips North America, Meteorologists Forecasting Severe 2017/18 Winter For US / Europe

While Record Cold Grips North America, Meteorologists Forecasting Severe 2017/18 Winter For US / Europe

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailOver the recent days we’ve been hearing about record snowfall in Montana, record low temperatures in Minnesota and Ontario, New York City “blowing away” a 103-year old record, vicious cold gripping Lebanon, PA. Moreover, Arctic sea ice and Greenland ice have surprised climatologists with a comeback over the past year. UPDATE: And now the UK braces […]

400 Scientific Papers Published In 2017 Support A Skeptical Position On Climate Alarm

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailA Growing Volume Of Evidence Undercuts ‘Consensus’ Science Update: For a detailed response to the YouTube video criticizing our list, see: Deconstruction Of The Critical YouTube Response To Our 400+ ‘Skeptical’ Papers Compilation   During 2017, 485 scientific papers have been published that cast doubt on the position that anthropogenic CO2 emissions function as the […]

Coolest Central European September In Years…Heavy Snowfall Forecast For The Alps This Week!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailGermany’s DWD national weather service has the preliminary September 2017 report out. According to the result of the data measured by the country’s 2000 weather stations, last month was cooler than normal. September 2017 in Germany saw a mean temperature of 12.7°C, which was 4.2°C cooler than last year’s record warm September (16.9°C). This […]

Germany’s Fake Heat: Media Calling A Few Hours Of 30+°C Weather ‘A Heat Wave’!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThis weekend Germany is getting its first summerlike weather (after having seen snow earlier in the month), with temperatures forecast to reach 30°C or more in some parts of Germany. And already a number of media outlets and WetterOnline, for example, have announced that a “heat wave” will roll across the country over the coming […]

Analysis Confirms Global-Warming-Defying Protracted Northern Hemisphere Winter!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailMeteorologist Paul Dorian of Vencore Weather here presents an analysis of the just now ending winter of 2017. It’s nothing you’d expect from a world that is supposedly warming. =========================== As the following Environment Canada chart shows, snow is running at well above normal levels across the Northern Hemisphere” Europe had an extended period […]

April Cold Blast Across Central Europe Brings Unexpected Widespread Crop Damage

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailOfficial weather offices report that April mean temperatures were colder than normal across Central Europe. Germany According to the preliminary results for April, 2017, from Germany’s DWD national weather service, the month came in at a mean temperature of 7.5°C for the central European country, or 0.8°C colder than the 1981-2010 mean of 8.3°C. This makes […]

Post-Easter Frost And Snow To Grip Central Europe As Temps To Fall 12°C Below Normal!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailSome years ago German warmist climatologist Mojib Latif complained over our changing climate, reminding us how in Germany we used to get snow sometimes for Easter. Well this year, in mid April, Easter is relatively late, and the forecast is now calling for snow to hit large parts of Europe as a low pressure […]

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