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How The High Fat / Low Carb Diet Dropped My Weight And Triglyceride Level

How The High Fat / Low Carb Diet Dropped My Weight And Triglyceride Level

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailO/t today. I want to share how I lost 20 lbs and totally reduced my triglyceride level, an important factor for heart health. In his video here, Prof. Ken Sikaris explains why triglyceride level in the blood today is a critical barometer for monitoring your cardiovascular risk and why cholesterol levels are not the crucial factors […]

Billionaire Environmentalist Coral-Reef Destruction Yacht Club Allegedly Has A New Member: Microsoft's Paul Allen!

Billionaire Environmentalist Coral-Reef Destruction Yacht Club Allegedly Has A New Member: Microsoft’s Paul Allen!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailIt’s annoying enough watching green-preaching, limousine liberals go public and demand ordinary people scale back their lives to protect the environment and climate, and then scoot away on a private jet – or mega-yacht. For example, see here, here, here, here, here and here. Mega-yachts at the port of Porto Cervo, Sardinia. Photo credit: Heinz-Josef Lücking; CC […]

Two German Scientists Say GISS Has "Squandered Much Credibility" ...Playing A "Shady Role"

Two German Scientists Say GISS Has “Squandered Much Credibility” …Playing A “Shady Role”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailBy Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (Translated/edited by P Gosselin) Photo: Vahrenholt/Lüning; Source: DkS The GISS-Institute of NASA is playing a shady role in the climate debate. For years it was directed by creedal climate activist James Hansen, and has since squandered much credibility. Now his years-long colleague Gavin Schmidt is at […]

Climate Change Now Damaging Leo DiCaprio’s Love Life?

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailCaught at climate denial? Leonardo DiCaprio and model Kelly Rohrbach split By Sebastian Lüning and Fritz Vahrenholt (Translated/edited by P Gosselin. Note: Quotes by DiCaprio translated from the German) On December 30, 2015, the Bauer Media Group made an important announcement with a press release: Leonardo DiCaprio in TV movie: “My partner has to believe […]

Cold Shock Claims Dozens Of Lives In Tropical Asia Amid Record Lows...Taiwanese See Snow First Time In Their Lives!

Cold Shock Claims Dozens Of Lives In Tropical Asia Amid Record Lows…Taiwanese See Snow First Time In Their Lives!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailFor a planet that is supposedly seeing one record hot year after another, it sure strange is that there’s so much cold gripping vast areas of Asia. Chart right: East Asia is forecast to remain extremely frigid over the foreseeable future. Snowless winters, which according to climate scientists were supposed to become a thing […]

Germany Sees No Statistically Significant Warming This Century, Analysis Shows

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailGermany temperatures 2000-2015: 7 months warmer, 5 months colder By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Josef Kowatsch (Translated by P. Gosselin) We keep hearing from the media that also in Germany climate change is galloping away. Climate skeptics, however, point out single months where the official temperature data show cooling taking place. Climate alarmists claim […]

Rapidly Evolving Protest: German Wind Energy Opponents Form Political Party In Response To A Deaf System

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailNot a single one of Germany’s established political parties officially opposes the construction of wind parks despite all the proof of their inefficiency, hazard to health and wildlife, ugliness, and lack of economy. As a consequence, a growing number of citizens are becoming fed up with a political system that has become deaf to […]

Sudden Stratospheric Warming May Bring Another Cold Spell To Western And Central Europe In Early February, Models Suggest

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailDespite a week of bitter cold temperatures, central and western Europe has had a relatively mild winter this year. Other parts of the northern hemisphere, however, have not been as lucky. For example Southeastern Europe, Central and Eastern Asia have seen massive waves of bitter cold and heavy snow. Climate Depot here tallies up […]

State Tyranny ...Vermont Signals Citizens: Opposing Wind Energy Now Requires "License To Practice Law"!

State Tyranny …Vermont Signals Citizens: Opposing Wind Energy Now Requires “License To Practice Law”!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThe most recent move by the “Green Mountain” state and the wind power industry is the latest sure sign of desperation and policy bankruptcy. It is designed to stamp out citizens’ democratic right to peacefully protest and organize to oppose. Now that Vermonters are finally waking up to the fact that the state and […]

German Scientists: Urgent Corrections Needed …Global Temperature Rise Far Below “Best Estimate” Model Projection!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailBy now most German readers here know the excellent site by global warming science skeptics Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt. The two authored the book “Die kalte Sonne“, which upset the German climate science establishment. The book is also available in English under the title: The Neglected Sun. At their Die kalte Sonne […]

Black New Year’s Eve …Nation Stunned…Now More Than 1400 Sexual Assaults On Women…Number Still Climbing

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailUS News and World Report must be living on another planet, in some other galaxy. The US news magazine recently selected Germany as “the best country to live in” worldwide. Although Germany offers many great things, it is currently not really a very good place to be – especially if you are a woman. Never […]

Surprise! Most German Wind Park Investors Losing Money ...Duped By Exaggerated Wind Projections!

Surprise! Most German Wind Park Investors Losing Money …Duped By Exaggerated Wind Projections!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailGerman ZDF public television here brings a report on the performance of wind turbines in Germany titled: “Wind energy – a loss business?“. In summary: Investors are losing money and many are finding themselves the victim of overblown promises. ZDF public television wind occurrence chart above based on data provided by the German Association […]

Bogus Predictions of Snowless Winters Are Back …But Reality Tells Very Different Story!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailMeteorologist Christian Zenkl: Winter temperatures in the Alps region have fallen about 1°C over past 30 years By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (Translated/edited by P Gosselin) On September 16, 2015; Gernan public broadcaster Bayerischen Rundfunk (Bavarian Broadcasting, or BR) announced: Farewell to white winters Light mist, no snow: It’s gotten warmer in […]

German Renewable Energy Woes Mount: Costly Battle Against Blackouts …”More Expensive Than Ever Before”!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailBy now we have all learned that wind and solar energy are highly volatile sources, and thus massively strain the power grids they get fed into once a certain scale is reached. This is now especially the case in Germany, a country that has, in an uncontrolled manner, aggressively installed wind and solar energy […]

Where’s The Runaway Warming? No New Record Heat In 2015 – Despite Help From Strong El Niño

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailOriginal article in German here By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (Translated/edited by P. Gosselin) It’s the end of the year tally at the DWD German Weather Service for 2015. In a press release the DWD reported on December 30, 2015: 2015 second warmest year in Germany – tied with 2000 and 2007 2015 […]

Engineering Basket Case: $250 Million Solar Impulse 2 Becomes Symbol Of “Green Delusionism”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailTony Thomas at The Spectator here has written an excellent summary on the Solar Impulse 2 plane and how the attempted journey around the world has gone so far. I’ve written on this before here, here and here. If anything the $250 million dollar project has turned into nothing less than an engineering basket […]

A New Era? Current Solar Cycle “Abruptly Ended” Most Active Solar Activity Phase Since Observations Began In 1755

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailSolar activity in December by Frank Bosse and Fritz Vahrenholt (Translated/edited by P Gosselin) The central star of our solar system was quite inactive last month. The measured solar sunspot number (SSN) was 57.7.  That is only 79% of what is the average for this time point into a solar cycle compared to the […]

Japanese Expert Slams James Hansen / Climate Scientists, Calling Them “Lawbreakers In The Court Of Science”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThere really are many scientists who dispute the alarmist conclusions of the climate scientists. What follows is a scathing open letter from Japanese scientist and modeling expert Kyoji Kimoto to Dr. Syukuro Manabe, Dr. James Hansen and Dr. Robert Cess. ====================================== You are the lawbreakers in the court of science by Kyoji Kimoto 9 […]

German DWD Weather Service Says North Pole Heat Spike, Atlantic Storm “Frank” Not Related To Climate Change!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailGermany’s centre-left online weekly Die Zeit here presents an interview with a DWD German meteorologist concerning the late December warmth that hit the North Pole, an event that saw global warming activists and alarmists hollering it was evidence of manmade climate change. Surprisingly the usually very alarmist Die Zeit gave a relatively balanced account […]

Comprehensive Analysis Sends Young/Columbia University Paper To The Dustbin …”Coup de Grâce” Results “Untenable”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailGeologist Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt have been busy mapping the Medieval Warm Period using Google as a tool. Lately their focus has been on a number of studies examining temperature reconstructions from the Baffin Island and Western Greenland. This focus has been in part in response to a recent paper by Nicolás Young, a […]

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